Tuesday, December 27, 2011

7 Months

Dear Sweet Little Taryn,

7 Months old.  We love you so much.  You are just moving all around.  You are still doing your army crawl and sometimes getting up on your hands and knees.  But on our pergo floor, it's easier to just slide along.

You just had your first Christmas where you were spoiled with presents from both of your grandparents.  Getting lots of new (very much appreciated) clothing too since you are wearing 12 month clothes!  And they fit waaay too well.  What will you wear at one year?  That's a scary thought, though, it's only 5 months away :(

You are LOVING food.  One morning you ate half a squash and an egg yolk.  Most foods are ok for you.  You've even tried some that aren't supposed to be for your age, like little satsuma oranges. There's lots of things you have tried by accident.  Like this morning you crawled up to a plate of chocolate cake that was left on the floor.  Oops.  But I caught you just in time.  You like egg yolks, squash, banana mashed with coconut oil, kale (another accident food), avocado, roast, ground beef, chewing on bacon, etc etc etc.  I think you like every thing.  You are just so opposite of Luke.  I think you like food a little too much.

I think of you as a continuum concept baby (from the book The continuum concept) because you just crawl around and explore until you've wet your diaper or until you are hungry and need something.  One of your favorite places is the pantry, pulling the potato bag down on top of yourself.  You're very lucky daddy saved you.  Otherwise you are just happy as can be exploring around the house.

EC is going pretty well for you lately too.  Sometimes you go in your diaper, but sometimes you just won't and insist that we pee or poop you in the potty.  And in the night you have to pee in the potty or you just won't settle back down, but you don't like any minute of waking up to do it.

You are still great in the car.  You're just great almost all the time.  You are so easy going.  You just are happy all the time.  And you are most happy when you are getting into your brother's train tracks, to which he says 'Mama, move Taryn!!'.  But you can't resist, you just love him and playing with him so much.

We love you dear Taryn.  You are growing too fast, you aren't our newborn anymore.  You are turning into a girl just way too fast.  You are so sweet and we love you so much.

Love, Mama and Daddy