Sunday, August 14, 2016

Gilmore Girls and a little more...

Its gotta be my 3rd or 4th time starting Gilmore Girls again.   Sometimes, I just don't want to find something else to watch and other times I just miss the cozy feeling of it.  PLUS did you know, it's coming back in November! They are making a few episodes on Netflix and I'm SO excited!

There's the preview!  I'll have to write reviews about it when it comes!

Things are still chugging along here at the Meadows.  The twins are 9 months old.  And WOW it's still a lot of work.  I remember asking a fellow twin mom when it's a little easier.  Her twins are 3 and she said "I don't know"!  In some ways, it is a bit easier.  I'm not nursing as often.  I'm able to leave the house with out them.  But in other ways it's just as hard as it was when they were newborns.  It's SO FUN, but man, it's hard.

yeah, those girls are CUTE
My older two kiddos are super kids.  They are like my heros sometimes... getting me water, helping watch the babies so I can spray out a poopy diaper.  It's pretty amazing.  I mean, we all have our moments... but overall.

I'm hoping to blog a little more now... I miss the community.  And I miss the documentation of my kids and life!!