Monday, January 31, 2011

Pregnancy Update- 25 weeks

I thought I'd write a pregnancy update today since today is probably the worst I've felt the entire second trimester.  Not sick, just sore.  I think I got a little sore during my walk with my son the other day and my body just aches.  I took a nap today with Luke and feel way better than this morning so I'm hoping tomorrow will be even better.

Last pregnancy, with Luke, my pelvis got really loose really fast.  And I think it happened even faster this time.  It's like one of those pains where it hurts if you separate your legs.  So when I balance on one leg to put pants on, it hurts.  Or when I'm getting out of bed or the car.  And I also notice it walking.   There's not a whole lot I can do but deliver the baby...

Other than the aches and pains, I feel way more energetic than I did in the first trimester and certainly waaaaaaay less sick, if at all.  I'm so happy about that.  I'd take the aches and pains over the 'morning sickness' any day.

My milk supply is definitely low.  I can still squeeze a little milk out of my breasts but I know it's not much because Luke is eating like crazy.  I'm still confident that he won't wean when the new baby comes.  When I was first pregnant, I didn't want to wean at all, but in the back of my mind I knew it could always happen.  But, just as I thought, Luke is still hanging in there waiting for the milk to come back.  I think nursing both will be the best option because I think the transition for Luke will be easier.  I know many people think tandem nursing is weird, so that will be challenging in itself, but I don't care because I know what's best for my family.  I'm so lucky to have such a supportive husband who is very pro-tandem nursing.  He knows it will be best.

Luke has been really cute.  He kisses my belly and says 'kiss baby' or 'hug baby'.  I can't wait till the baby's movements are bigger so he can see her move inside.  I just have a good feeling about this, like I know Luke is going to love her so much.  For now, I'm just enjoying the Mama and Luke time while it's here.  Even though they'll be more in the future, there won't be quite as much.  He's so sensitive and caring to me right now, I think he's aware of the changes in my body.  I'm so excited for a home birth so Luke can see where the baby comes from.  My midwife said that her home birth with her second was great because her son made the connection between the baby being in Mama's belly and then being there with them.  Luke is a thoughtful and insightful person, I think he will benefit in knowing that the baby didn't just come from some random place, that he will actually see what's happening, hopefully.

That's it for now.  I really feel happy to be pregnant, even though there are days like today.  This is what God wants and I feel that way more and more every day.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Without a Stroller

I read The Continuum Concept when Luke was about three months old.  I also joined the email forum.  I remember one of the two talking about how a stroller isn't necessary.

When Luke was small, we hardly ever used our Bob Stroller (that I purchased at a lesser price on craigslist).  I thought I would need it for all the jogging I would do, or shopping with Luke.  I just thought you needed a stroller.   My husband and I used it a few times when we went for a walk or when we would jog, which wasn't very much at all.  We still took it some places and it was big and bulky and hardly fit in the trunk of our honda civic.

From the time Luke was about 3months on, I carried him in my Ergo and just went for walks.  And we sometimes put him in the stroller when we wanted to jog together (again, rarely).  The Ergo was great because I would walk a mile down to the local store and back, 2 miles total.  Sometimes I would climb the back way over the hills by our house with my little guy strapped into my Ergo.  I felt secure with him right there close.  I actually felt weird with him being in the stroller so far away from me.  Plus, if he wanted to nurse or get out, I was stuck holding him and pushing that stroller, which is why I mostly only did it when my husband was with me.  We walked everywhere.  In fact, the stroller sat in our garage for most of his life.  Until he got old enough to ask to just get in it for novelty because he liked being pushed.

Just lately, I've taken him on a couple walks in the stroller because I also walk the dog on the leash and it's hard to do both.  But last week the stroller wheels were flat and our pump was broken so I just decided to take him outside and let him walk while I held on to the dog leash and then again today with my husband.  When we went by ourselves he walked the whole way around our little loop until he tripped then I carried him the rest of the way home. Today we walked to this elementary school park where he could play and the dog could sniff around.  He walked the whole, almost 1/2 a mile there.  Then he walked almost all the way back, until he fell and wanted to be lifted and taken home.  No stroller needed.

It is a little hard on my back for him to carry him along ways without anything since I'm pregnant.  But, when it's just me, I don't go that far from home anyway.  We went to the park today because my husband was there to carry him home when he fell.
The theory in the book was correct.  And now I believe it, that babies just need to be carried until they learn to walk and explore, then they are able to walk for themselves.  Sometimes a stroller is nice to have, but it's better to have your child walk.  I think this could possibly be a reason for kids getting the American lazy syndrome... because they aren't used to walking.  They are used to being in strollers until they are way older.  Then they aren't used to walking very far.

Anyway, this is just my theory for now.  We'll see how Luke evolves into a walker.  I really enjoy seeing Luke walk around and explore around the neighborhood.  Maybe when our new baby comes, he'll want to take walks with me while I carry the baby.  And maybe when he's older, he'll want to keep walking with Mama as we enjoy time together. :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Sometimes I get tired, especially being pregnant, and it's really hard to hold a 25+ lb toddler.  Fortunately, the days are getting less rare when Luke wants me to hold him all day.

I'm not going to lie, I dread lifting him around sometimes when my back is aching at the end of the day and my big belly is in the way of holding him the way I'd like to, whether it's from sick/teething or just because he wants it.

He usually just wants more Mama time when he's sick or in pain from teething.  He's been both lately.  But a lot of the time he just wants me to pick him up, because, well, he just wants to be held.

I've heard people say that their kids are just trying to manipulate them or that they need to learn that they cannot be held.  From the early days, newborns need to beheld because they were used to being inside their mother's womb and they need that close touch.  That feeling of a special bond.  There have even been studies that have shown the damage done to a child who isn't held at all by anyone.  And there are even benefits of baby wearing in a sling or carrier.  But as they grow into toddlers, those moments of being held become less and less.  They become less because the toddler is exploring the new world, walking around, and trying out new things.  They need that comfort of being picked up and held... a moment of reconnection with their mothers, a sense of security.  I feel that if I deny my son of that, I would be denying the opportunity of reconnection to him and denying my love for him.

Of course, there are times when I can't pick up Luke immediately.  Like when I'm cooking or holding something hot or in the middle of doing something I can't put down.  I try to pick him up when I'm finished.  Sometimes he doesn't care and just moves on, but sometimes he needs it, he yearns for that touch.

I just can't agree with people who say that their child needs to learn not to be picked up.  Eventually, they don't want to be picked up any more, and that's just it.  Love them while they are small.

Anyway, being pregnant I have come up with things I do instead of carrying Luke around.  (sounds hypocritical right?)

I think a lot of the time, Luke wants to be lifted in the kitchen so he can see what's going on up there on those counters.  So putting him on a chair to see onto the counter eases the pain of me carting him around the kitchen for an hour.  
He also wants to help.  So I give him things he can help with, pouring and measuring, cutting up softer things, or even stirring the pan.

When I'm folding laundry he just wants to see what exactly I'm doing.  He wants to know where I'm going to put stuff away.  So I give him laundry and ask him if he can help me put it away.

When I'm washing my hands, he wants to try soaping his hands up too.  I offer the soap and water to him too.

Mostly, my point is that, sometimes Luke just wants to know what is going on up in my world and what it's like being tall enough to reach things.  He does sometimes just need to be picked up and loved, and that's ok too.  But a lot of the time, he just is asking me to get involved with our daily activities.

Monday, January 24, 2011

20 Months (yesterday)

(I have time to write this because you fell asleep an hour and a half after waking up this morning, very unusual.)

Dear Sweet Luke,

I can't believe you are in the 20's months now.  That means only 4 months until you are 2!!!  Wow. 

You are growing into a little person with your very own personality.  I love your personality so much, you are just who you are supposed to be.  You are my little buddy now, we go places and do things together, you and me.

You went through your first big transition this winter of moving out of your old house, to and apartment, then into the house you'll spend many years at.  We moved cities to be closer to Daddy's work.  You handle change so surprisingly well, though a few mornings you asked to go home, even though we were home.  You are adjusting to the new house and have made it your own.  You love helping around the house.  Shovelling outside, vacuumming, helping daddy with the floor project.

I think you have handled moving so well because you are still sleeping with us- and we LOVE it.  It has been so fun to wake up next to you lately just to hear what you are going to say. 

Yesterday you woke up saying 'Daddy?  Snack? Daddy? Snack?'  then you insisted on having a slice of cheese.  Sometimes you wake up asking for Misu, our new dog.  She usually is right there when you wake up to give you a big slobbery dog kiss.

Speaking of Misu, you love your new dog.  You can't get enough of her.  Poor Misu, you jump all over her and chase her around and poke her with things.  But she still loves you so much and never has gotten upset.  And you are so obsessed with her kibble, even though we tell you not to bother it.

In the last month you have stayed up very late.  We aren't sure why you stay up so late now.  But you sleep in just as equally late.  Which is very nice for Mama, but not so much for Daddy who stays up late with you.  You and daddy have had a great time in the late night jumping on the bed, eating snacks, watching 'Dees' (videos) of Signing Time and Veggie Tales, and also chasing the dog around.

You have been saying so many new words now.  I can't even keep track of all that you say.  You have such a good memory and repeat and remember everything.  You have also been putting some words together now almost making a sentence.   It's so fun to know exactly what you are asking for and to be able to carry on a conversation with you.  You also say 'home' a lot when we are some where that you feel uncomfortable.  Like, if we stay too long at your new friend Noah's house, or even at church because you want to go home and play with Misu.  And you say 'Let's go' when I am holding you and you want to go somewhere else, usually the kitchen.

I've been impressed with your potty talk now.  You tell us when you have to poop every time now.  Last night you took your potty to daddy and put it on the toilet and said 'potty'.  I've had such a good time ECing with you.

Eating has been a new thing for you as you are eating so much more than usual.  (My milk supply has been low because of pregnancy)  But you'll eat most everything.  When you wake up you almost always ask for breakfast, or a snack.  Then I say, what do you want for breakfast and your usual answer is 'eggs'.  (Because that's what I have and I think you've come to like them too)  You REALLY like pears recently and bananas of which you now eat the entire thing.  You also could eat sausage every meal and you still love cheese.  A new thing is that you like pot roast.  You call it soup, (i guess it is stew).  You'll try almost anything and you get so excited to eat dinner, though sometimes you get too distracted to eat.

You have a new pyro fascination, just like your daddy.  So we've been lighting candles all the time for you to see and blow out.  You love watching them and seeing the fire.  Hopefully it doesn't go much further.   I have to admit, that I really like the candles too even though I didn't use to.

I'm so surprised at how well you listen to us.  If we ask you not to bother something at someone else's house, you usually listen.  We can easily tell you things and you seem to always be understanding and compromise.  I love that about you.  You just know so much more than I thought and you are just so smart.
We love you so much and love spending every minute with you.  You are just so sweet and are so loving, but please stop growing!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- New Dog!

This is our new dog, a labradoodle, Tirimisu.  We call her Misu.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How do you do it?

I wonder how people do it.  Like house chores and just everything in general. 

We wake up, I make breakfast which is usually eggs.  After breakfast I need to wash the pan, put dishes in the dishwasher, wipe the counter, not to mention cleaning up the several things Luke has done in that amount of time- today it was putting dog food in the latch hole for the dishwasher, which took some time to get out.  Don't get me wrong, I really don't mind Luke exploring and making a little mess.  I'm just wondering how to finish it all.  Then once we're done with that, it's shower(if we didn't shower the night or day before) then getting dressed.  By the time it's all said and done it's almost nap time.

That is a normal day, and it's fine, and I can handle it.  But what if we want to go to story time at the library?  Then we have to cut something out.  Usually that is dishes or shower.

Then there's laundry.  I can usually do that too, even though it takes some time to put away clothes afterward and my husband does his fair share. 

The main thing is, how can I get other things done.  We're still unpacking our house.  How am I supposed to also unpack the house on top of the usual things?

I just feel like we'd never get play time or fun time if I do that.  I don't want a perfectly clean house, I'm not willing to give up fun time with Luke.  I'm just wondering how people do things.   Do they give up some fun time to do these things?  I don't want to look back and say, I got all the dishes done or our house was really clean all the time.  I wanna look back and say that I had fun while Luke was a toddler, that we did fun things and we spent a lot of time together.  Luke is a great helper, he loves to do dishes and help clean but his interest doesn't last as long as the chore takes sometimes.

Maybe it's just not possible to get things done.  Maybe it's like the Mary and Martha story in the bible.  Martha was so busy she didn't get a chance to just enjoy the presence of Jesus.  Maybe life is more about stopping to enjoy the moments instead of constantly working yourself to the bone.  Because even if I spent all day working, I still would have things to do.  But then again, things still need to be done.  I guess it's deciding on the need to get done vs the like to get done.  

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolutions... part two

I forgot to add some stuff I've been thinking about.  There's a few things I want to start doing this year, I've always been meaning to start them and the New Year gives me a motivation to.

Monthly Trash, instead of weekly
First one is to only have our garbage picked up once a month.  A long time ago I was reading my friend and old neighbor's blog, Lisa_C, and she talked about how they only get their garbage picked up once a month.  I knew we could do that too but we couldn't start while we were in the process of moving.  I knew they're would be more things (even though I didn't like it) to throw away.  Now that we've moved and are in our new house, I'd like to move down to once a month.  It's better for us to not be as wasteful and to choose things that aren't as wasteful.  Plus it saves a bunch of money.  As my husband would say, it's a 'two-fer' (two for one). 
Things that go along with that are composting.  Now that we have a house that we're going to stay in for a while, I'd like to start composting.  Probably at least 50 percent of what we throw in the trash is food scraps.   It's easy and will cut down a lot of trash.
This is stupid and simple but I go through a lot of toilet paper being pregnant now. (Peeing every 5 minutes)  And inevitablely a lot of those toilet paper rolls get thrown in to the trash. They aren't trash, they can be recycled.  I need to put a small recycle bin in the bathroom so I don't just get lazy toss them.  But even better, use a small piece of cloth to wipe instead (pee only).  I used to do this before we moved and before I got pregnant(and felt really lazy and sick).  We wash cloth diapers a couple times a week- its easy enough to throw a cloth wipe in the diaper pale.  It seems like kind of weird thing to do but it's really really easy if you are already washing cloth diapers and pee a lot.  (In case you were wondering, I will use toilet paper to wipe for poop :) )

Dinner Dishes
Next is try and clean up dinner dishes after dinner.  This goes for both me and my husband.  We just eat and then leave our dishes there on the table and sink and don't bother to just put them in the dishwasher.  It's a pain because then usually one of us (mostly my husband) has to stay up late and clean up... or, even worse, we leave them overnight.  It's just so easy to rinse and put them in the dishwasher.  Even if we don't clean any of the pans, the plates should be done right after.

Ok, that's it for now... before I get waaay too ambitious.  I just wanted to list things I was thinking about starting.  I'm really excited to try the trash thing.  I've always knew we could do it, just haven't had the time or motivation to start yet.  So, here I go New Year... just try and stop me!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions...

I raced out of bed thinking that today was a Holy Day of Obligation, since it's the feast of Mary Mother of God.   It usually is, but when it falls on Saturday or Monday, it's not.  So I started out my New Year at Mass this morning, which is good.  That's one of my 'resolutions' is to pray more and be more aware so I can teach my son about Mary, Jesus and more about the bible and our beautiful Catholic Faith.

Another resolution is to be more organized and try not to be so last minute.  More about less stress.  Part of that includes saying 'no' to people so we don't become too busy.  I think we have a problem of doing too much.  The too much is how the last minute racing around or business happens.  It also hurts my prayer life because I have no quiet time.

Next is that I want to be more responsible budgeting, with Ben of course.  Between December and moving we got out of the swing of things. 

I don't have a lot of goals... mostly just want to have a less busy month than December.   The holiday season always does that.  I just want to enjoy the Christmas season now... not the other busy-ness.

God Bless all of you and your New Year!