Friday, January 22, 2016

Fake poop and 11 weeks!

My kids thought it would be funny to tell me that that dog pooped on the floor. They kept telling me to get up from nursing twins and clean it. So after several times of them asking I got up. They showed me what it was...... It was lint from the dryer. It was a ruse. 
Got up for nothing, those little stinkers. It was pretty funny though :) wonder where they learned pranks like that?

Twins are 11 weeks old today!! 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Burnt toast and the first few days alone

My parents have been staying with us since the babies have been born, minus a few days here and there. They left today to go home for the following week. My dad wanted to leave today to play poker with his friends tonight. So them leaving means I'm alone with 😱 4 kids all day. I've only done two half days alone so far. It's not bad. But I've only done mornings. The afternoons, I know, will be the challenging part. Babies are usually on and off napping with no GOOD nap. Kids are wearing down meaning more disagreements and cranky-ness . And the no sleep 2.5 months we've had really catch up with me.. Coffee wears off.  I'm dragging a little right now but kids are off in the other room doing who knows what and I'm on the couch nursing the babies. One has fallen asleep and the other is still nursing. 

Anyway this morning....
I got breakfast for kids and coffee and breakfast  for me. 
Babies started crying so I changed their diaper and went to my "nursing station" couch where I have my nursing pillow and pillows and water and everything set up. Half way through nursing the baby Luke has decided to make himself another piece of toast. He says from the kitchen...
There's smoke. 
What? I say
He says "well maybe it's steam but the toast is burned."
A little more concerned but not wanting to stop nursing and leave the couch I ask "is there a fire?"
"No". Oh thankgoodness. 
But then I smell smoke. So I better check on it. Sure enough. The toast was burnt and I have no idea how long he ran it in the microwave. I go back to my couch and finish nursing the babies. 

But I'm interrupted again. Dog sits up on the couch, gags, jumps down. Pukes all over the floor. Kids are grossed out. They leave and I have to get up, put the babies in their rock and plays. I grab paper towels and thieves cleaner... Clean it up. Come back to the rock and plays and the kids. 
I was gonna go sit back down to nurse but now Taryn has to poop and needs help. So I help her. Babies are next to us on the carpet in the diaper room. I figure might as well check diapers before I make it back to the couch and sure enough, Alex pooped her diaper. She knew I took the disposable diaper I had on her for the night, off and put on the cloth diaper. Clean her up, clean the diaper, then I finally get back to nursing couch. Whew.