Thursday, September 20, 2012

Updates and lots of other random stuff

(this one is for you Brenda)
Hi. I bet people forgot this blog even existed, lol. I don't know why, I just haven't been in the mood to blog. We're busy doing lots of stuff (nothing really exciting or big, but stuff none the less). I just haven't had time or the interest in writing.

 Luke is almost 3 1/2. He is just enjoying what is left of the summer. He just started soccer on Saturdays in the fall and is sort of enjoying that. He's a pretty shy kid. He is almost terrified of everything at first, which included soccer, but after being there for a while he started to really enjoy it. He takes a while to warm up. Almost right before we have to go, he starts enjoying himself. And even sometimes at the park he musters up the courage to say hi and play with other kids. I can tell he really wants to try.

Luke and his curly hair making brownies
He still loves trains. We took him to 'Day out with Thomas' this summer and we got to ride on Thomas and do other activities there. He's got the curliest hair. He got it from my husband (who shaves it). He's really taken to the curls because every one has mentioned 'how cute his curly hair is', he loves it. We're doing a little practice homeschooling by reading and writing and doing some letters stuff, basically just for fun, and he really enjoys it.

Taryn is almost a year and a half. I CANNOT believe how big she is. She's walking and talking all over the place. She can say almost anything you ask her to. She's quite the different kid than Luke. She's pretty independent, she'll just leave the room when she gets tired of being there. And she's not afraid to wonder away in the store too, which is scary. She is basically into whatever Luke is into. My dad calls her 'me too' because she'll do anything Luke is doing.

Taryn walking around on our nature walk

She just got molars about a month ago. So she has four top front teeth, two bottom teeth and then the two molars. I can tell she's getting more because she wakes up so often in the night.
She is currently trying to get her brothers crocs on to walk around the house.

Both of my kids are playing so much together now I'm free to do a lot (well a lot more than I used to) of things. It's kind of nice. Sometimes I just sit there in awe.

playing together

Other things are going well here. We're in the midst of doing things around the house. I have a while checklist of things we need to do. We have been working on organizing and cleaning our garage, re-arranging and painting our house, working outside in the garden- which is doing well this year, and just a bunch of odds and ends. I am sad to see that summer is coming to and end. Hopefully we'll get a few more nice days around here, I'm just enjoying every last bit of summer sun.
 I'll try to keep updating. I want to make sure I don't forget things of my children's precious childhood. I am LOVING this stage. I just love watching them play.

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Brenda said...

I loved watching them play too! They are so cute and funny (plus their mom makes us yummy food). :)