Friday, March 25, 2011

Pregnancy update and Lent

I am 32 1/2 weeks pregnant.  I had another midwife appointment today, at home again.  I am having appointments every other week now, can you believe it?  I can't.  So there's just 7 weeks left, but I'm thinking more like 8 or 9 since Luke was so late.  That's ok by me, she can come when she comes.

I'm having a few issues right now.  One is that my pelvis hurts like crazy.  And then I twisted it getting into bed the  other night.  Nothing serious, just really uncomfortable.  So my midwife suggested getting a chiropractic appointment.  Then, my father in law, who is a physical therapist gave me a few exercises to do and told me to ice.  I guess I should have been doing that all along.   Next thing is I've had some bowel issues (tmi?)  and my stomach has been hurting.  I found out that I am taking to much magnesium.  I take calcium magnesium and I think I am sensitive to the magnesium.  I need the calcium though for obvious reasons and for leg cramps.  So I have to find just a calcium supplement.  Going tomorrow for one.
But I have to wait until Wednesday for the chiro appointment... sigh.

Good news is that the baby is healthy and moving around just nicely!  And I really LOVE my midwife, there was the back up one that came today, and I love her too.  They both have a lot of knowlage. They both are naturopaths.  And I am learning so much this time around that I didn't know before.  I just feel really comfortable and I feel like they have the same goal in mind, a healthy natural birth.

Luke is still nursing away.  I am making colostrum now and I think he's liking that.  His nursing isn't changing except that I think he is starting to get his molars so he feels uncomfortable. I sometimes think about the transition that will take place with Luke once we have a new baby, but I don't want to think about it too hard because I don't know what will happen.  He might be really happy, he might have some getting used to baby moments, but I don't want to dwell on the situations because they are what they will be and I can't control it.  I have too much else to think about anyway.


Next is Lent.  I gave up facebook.  I feel a little different than I did last year.  Last year, I was really excited to get back on and see what was going on.  This year I have almost contemplated deleting facebook.  I like the break, I like not thinking about what everyone else is doing.  Especially since I have a lot of friends that I don't really talk to anymore, or people that I just look at their status but never actually see in real life.  I don't know if I want that.  I have a few ideas about it.  I might just decide to delete it.  I might just decide to get rid of anyone that I don't know, know... like people I don't call or text on a regular basis.  Though, my parents and Grammy do check to see pictures of Luke.  But there's email for that.

Another thing is that  I know I'm judgemental about what people write or post on there.  Its really nice to get rid of those thoughts.  I also have less urges to get worked up over posts people make that I don't agree with.

I also have have had more time to write countless emails to my friend Lisa about parenting, food, and other randoms.  I have also been emailing my best friend Usa in the morning on occasion telling her to call when she has free time and she emails me late at night when she is up late.  We have completely opposite schedules, oh and she works.  I also have been trying to email my parents and grandparents and texting my inlaws pictures of Luke.  But the point is that it's been really nice to be on a personal level with people I care about... not just posting pictures on facebook  into the black hole of the internet.  Does that make sense?

I'm not sure what I'll do, but I really like the break.

That's pretty much it for now.  I want to update my blog more and I had planned on updating more through out pregnancy but I'm just so tired that laying down sounds so much better than typing.  And on that note, I'm going to lay down in my nice warm bed :)  good night.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Outside

this one has to have a caption.  Luke put his dog on the ground and said 'night night Scout, here's your diaper (the leaf), be back soon.. stay there.'  

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shopping and Ash Wednesday

We did almost nothing today.  But I decided to take a trip to Target to look around and to have Luke burn some energy.  We looked around at clothes for Luke because I saw some shirts on sale, then to toys to play, then back to clothes.  Luke was bored or just needed to get out because was waving clothes around by hangers, hiding under the clothes racks and knocking a lot of stuff on the floor.  In a way it was funny but in a way it was madning because I had to pick it all up.

We were on our last stop at the kids clothes section while I was looking at baby girl stuff and Luke said 'poop'.  Oh man.  I asked him if he could hold it until we bought what we had and could go to the bathroom.  He didn't really say anything.  So we checked out and I went into the family bathroom.  He had already pooped a little in his underwear... but it was solid enough (tmi?) to just dump out and change with out too much hassle.  Thank goodness!!  I honestly have kind of forgotten what to do when that happens and we aren't at home.  So I put new underwear on him and new pants.  Then I had figured, pregnant lady should go before we go home, just in case.  I started peeing and some kid opened the door to our bathroom!  I quickly got up and pushed it shut.  He pushed back.  LOL.  Finally I got it shut and locked.  Whew.  How embarrassing.  Not only was I with my pants down and pregnant, it freaked Luke out a little that some one was barging in.

We made it home... and I was just tired.  Luckily Ben came home right around then so he helped out.  We ate dinner quickly and then went to Ash Wednesday Mass.  Our church had 3 times- 830am (too early and Ben was at work), 6pm (we'd have to rush to get there after Ben got home) and 730.  So 730 it was....  Turns out that was the Spanish time.  So we had our whole Ash Wednesday in Spanish.  At first I was bummed because I really want to start off this Lenten season well.  I'm really trying to end my spiritual drought.  But after a while of being there I enjoyed it just as I would English mass.  And there were way more kids Luke's age there and that was fun.  And Luke got ashes and he kept pointing at us and all the other people saying 'Ashes too'.

Luke with his ashes

And, I'm giving up facebook for Lent.  I love doing it because I get out of the habit of getting on there, checking in on people and the distraction of thinking of status messages and waiting for comments.  It gets too obsessive after awhile.  I feel more free with out it.
As a family we aren't going out to eat during Lent.  I'm not sure what we'll do with the money we usually spend, or if we'll just add it to groceries.  But we do it too often and we should get out of the habit of not making food at home, its healthier and less expensive.
I just want to have more quality praying during Lent.  Lately, it's been really hard.  So I'm hoping for the best.  Happy Lent to everyone. 

Wordless Wednesday- Shopping with a Toddler

We were at the store for a long time.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Snow Fall

The snow was about a week ago, and I didn't get very many pictures because both parties were busy playing!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February in Review

Wow, time for this already again.  February just flew by.  I don't think I did that much this month except get another month pregnant!

A thought... what did I even do this month?  I can't even remember it was so short.  We had snow here, which is pretty unusual... it usually comes earlier.

A sound...
of my sick husband coughing.  Wow, I really know how much I depend on him now since he was out of commission for a couple days.

A taste...
recipes from a new blog that I read... Everyday Paleo.  I'm starting to eat primal again and I am loving it. 

An image...

Why is he so cute? :)

A scent... bacon. mmm. or our bbq that we FINALLY cleaned up and got propane for.

A word...
Budget.  We have gotten back on track with our budget.  It feels good... but it felt even better to start March and have lots of money again :)

A touch...
of fabric and thread... yep, I've started sewing a little again.

A gift for me...
good times with my family.

A post you may have missed... Luke is 3 months away from being 2!

Thanks Holistic Mama for hosting Month in Review!  I love doing it.