Friday, February 25, 2011

21 Months (Wednesday)

Dear Sweet Luke,

Oh I just love you so much.  Are you really almost 2? 

You have been saying so many things lately.  You can now say 'I wuv YOU'.  You always emphasize the YOU.   Daddy took you to the pet store and a bird said 'hello' to you and it must have really impacted your life because you always say 'That bird was talking', 'hello'.  You say it over and over and it's really cute. You also say 'Oh Gosh!' if either daddy or I pushes the brakes harder than normal... I think you heard Mama say that at Daddy once :)

You talk about things you remember like brushing the teeth on the big alligator at the Children's Museum.

You would not let me put you down on the alligator because it was 'scary'.  You've brought it up several times after though, saying 'I brushed the alligators teeth', 'it was scary'. 
I've been trying to take you places like the Children's museum and OMSI to enjoy our last couple months of just you and I before the baby comes.  You love going.

We've watched a lot of 'Signing Time' before bed, mostly with daddy.  The theme song says 'it's signing time with Alex and Leah'.  But you just shout 'Signing Time with Leah!!!' But it's more like Weah instead of Leah.  You also say Pwease when you want something.  Like 'water, pwease?' And you said 'My name is Nuke' the other day too.  I don't know how much other kids your age talk, but I think you're a chatter box.

You have ate almost everything under the sun recently, surprising me sometimes at breakfast by finishing your eggs and asking for more.  You REALLY like bananas.  You also like everything when I cut it into smaller bites.  Before you would like them whole then take your own bites.  But now, you like everything in small bites and are willing to eat almost everything... well if you feel like it... but you have been so hungry lately you'll at least give it a try.

You will touch my belly when I tell you that your baby sister is moving around.  You say that you can feel her move.  I'm not sure exactly what you are thinking, hopefully you like the new sister when she comes!  I know you are excited for more milk. It's just so cute when you kiss my belly and 'hug the baby'.

You still love to sleep (thankfully)... here's some more adorable sleeping pictures.

Though, recently  you've decided that your bed time should be late... really late.  But that's ok, you've slowly gotten back into your old routine.  I think it was because of teething your canines.

Coloring is still one of your favorite things but your new love is play dough.  I was sick one day so I got play dough for you to play with... you loved it but we accidentally let it dry out.  So we made our own and that has lasted longer.  I let you use the waffle iron to make waffles and some pans to pretend cook your play dough.
oh yeah I made you play dough shoes too :)

We've just had so much fun with you lately.  You are so much fun to play with and to watch grow even though we don't like it.  We love you so much more every day and we just think you are so sweet.


Maman said...

So adorable! My son is a few months younger but definitely not talking that much yet-you must be doing something right to develop those great vocabulary skills! That museum looks like a blast-for some reason I thought children's museums were more for like 5-8 year olds, not 2 year olds. I'll have to see if there's a good one near me.

Cassie said...

I haven't done anything. It must be natural or maybe I just talk a lot too. I guess ice always talked a lot because when I'm home with just him it's too quiet so just talk lol. He doesn't talk much whe we see other people, until he gets comfortable.

Lisa C said...

AW! Yeah, I think Michael is a little chatterbox, too, and I think it might be at least partly due to the fact that I talk to him so much. I actually want to try talking less to see if he'll talk less! lol It's good to know they understand so much and can communicate well, though, isn't it?

I love the sleeping pictures. I like that he "hugs" the baby and that you let him use the waffle iron. Fun stuff.