Monday, February 14, 2011

Attempt at 'Daily Similarities'

I've wrote about this before.  I think it's something my husband and I are very bad at... 'schedules' and 'routines'.  Even so bad at them that I don't like to even use those words.  I don't like living on a schedule because I want to be flexible not ridged.  But maybe we need to be more in between.

Luke is staying up way too late all of the sudden.  He just had some late nights about a month ago... and now it seems like more nights are late than early... and more mornings we sleep in until at least 10 and nap time just gets later and later.  There just comes a point where we decide that it's probably a good idea to change.  I always look at possible catalysts to our problems.  Here they are.

1.  Teething.  Luke is getting four teeth.  The canines. 

While I think this is a possibility of messed up sleep, it's not the cause of so many late nights.  That's not typical for teething Luke.  Teething Luke wakes up and fidgets in the night but usually goes about the normal schedule.

2.  No more breastmilk (and the night time hormones)

I think my milk supply has diminished and gone to colostrum just recently.  But he's used to having the hormones at night in my breastmilk that make him sleepy.  I know it's a change for him.  But, he still nurses and still nurses to sleep despite the milk. 

3.  Needs more fat. 

This last one is the one my intuition says.  I think he needs more fat.  I think he used to get fat from breastmilk but now isn't getting as much so he's always hungry.  I notice that when he stays up late he requests a snack or a couple.  I think I need to have more food around, food full of fat and calories. 

With that being said... I still think we are getting out of our normal 'daily similarities'.  We moved recently and so we have just been off schedule because we are busy doing work to the house, or putting things away etc.  Plus the fact that I'm pregnant now, we aren't mindful of the usual times that Luke takes a nap, or goes to bed.  We haven't been consistent on meal times because somedays I just don't have the energy to cook before Ben gets home.  Sometimes I do.  So dinner times ranges.  And my husband doesn't have to commute anymore so we don't have to worry about him getting up an extra hour early now, so we just stay up later, which happened on accident.

I think we need to be more consistent with things we do everyday... lunch time, dinner time, nap time (around the same time), winding down at the same time.  I think if we try a little harder just to be a little more ball park with everything we can really make a big difference and an earlier bed time.  I know it won't happen tomorrow but I'm hoping with a little work, we can get it right.  I know it would help Ben and I to have more of a routine.  We will be more productive and have more restful time as well.  So hopefully this is something we can work on.  So here's to making a better schedule.

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Lisa C said...

I hope you can get him on an earlier 'schedule/routine.' We are struggling, too. I think it's gonna take a couple of weeks of really focusing on it to really get us on an earlier rhythm.