Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shopping and Ash Wednesday

We did almost nothing today.  But I decided to take a trip to Target to look around and to have Luke burn some energy.  We looked around at clothes for Luke because I saw some shirts on sale, then to toys to play, then back to clothes.  Luke was bored or just needed to get out because was waving clothes around by hangers, hiding under the clothes racks and knocking a lot of stuff on the floor.  In a way it was funny but in a way it was madning because I had to pick it all up.

We were on our last stop at the kids clothes section while I was looking at baby girl stuff and Luke said 'poop'.  Oh man.  I asked him if he could hold it until we bought what we had and could go to the bathroom.  He didn't really say anything.  So we checked out and I went into the family bathroom.  He had already pooped a little in his underwear... but it was solid enough (tmi?) to just dump out and change with out too much hassle.  Thank goodness!!  I honestly have kind of forgotten what to do when that happens and we aren't at home.  So I put new underwear on him and new pants.  Then I had figured, pregnant lady should go before we go home, just in case.  I started peeing and some kid opened the door to our bathroom!  I quickly got up and pushed it shut.  He pushed back.  LOL.  Finally I got it shut and locked.  Whew.  How embarrassing.  Not only was I with my pants down and pregnant, it freaked Luke out a little that some one was barging in.

We made it home... and I was just tired.  Luckily Ben came home right around then so he helped out.  We ate dinner quickly and then went to Ash Wednesday Mass.  Our church had 3 times- 830am (too early and Ben was at work), 6pm (we'd have to rush to get there after Ben got home) and 730.  So 730 it was....  Turns out that was the Spanish time.  So we had our whole Ash Wednesday in Spanish.  At first I was bummed because I really want to start off this Lenten season well.  I'm really trying to end my spiritual drought.  But after a while of being there I enjoyed it just as I would English mass.  And there were way more kids Luke's age there and that was fun.  And Luke got ashes and he kept pointing at us and all the other people saying 'Ashes too'.

Luke with his ashes

And, I'm giving up facebook for Lent.  I love doing it because I get out of the habit of getting on there, checking in on people and the distraction of thinking of status messages and waiting for comments.  It gets too obsessive after awhile.  I feel more free with out it.
As a family we aren't going out to eat during Lent.  I'm not sure what we'll do with the money we usually spend, or if we'll just add it to groceries.  But we do it too often and we should get out of the habit of not making food at home, its healthier and less expensive.
I just want to have more quality praying during Lent.  Lately, it's been really hard.  So I'm hoping for the best.  Happy Lent to everyone. 

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Lisa C said...

This is really cool. I've always loved the idea of Lent. I've been wanting to focus more on my spiritual health, too, although I've decided to make April my month for spiritual focus since right now I have to focus on my physical health. Our church's General Conference is the first weekend in April, so it's perfect timing, and with Easter, too.

I'm kind of sick of facebook right now. I went through a couple of months of really liking it, but now I'm bored of it. And it won't be any fun without you, so I don't think I'll be on there much.

We need to cut back on eating out, too. It's too expensive, even just eating at the grocery store is too much. So I guess I'm sorta gonna do Lent with you, lol.