Monday, January 24, 2011

20 Months (yesterday)

(I have time to write this because you fell asleep an hour and a half after waking up this morning, very unusual.)

Dear Sweet Luke,

I can't believe you are in the 20's months now.  That means only 4 months until you are 2!!!  Wow. 

You are growing into a little person with your very own personality.  I love your personality so much, you are just who you are supposed to be.  You are my little buddy now, we go places and do things together, you and me.

You went through your first big transition this winter of moving out of your old house, to and apartment, then into the house you'll spend many years at.  We moved cities to be closer to Daddy's work.  You handle change so surprisingly well, though a few mornings you asked to go home, even though we were home.  You are adjusting to the new house and have made it your own.  You love helping around the house.  Shovelling outside, vacuumming, helping daddy with the floor project.

I think you have handled moving so well because you are still sleeping with us- and we LOVE it.  It has been so fun to wake up next to you lately just to hear what you are going to say. 

Yesterday you woke up saying 'Daddy?  Snack? Daddy? Snack?'  then you insisted on having a slice of cheese.  Sometimes you wake up asking for Misu, our new dog.  She usually is right there when you wake up to give you a big slobbery dog kiss.

Speaking of Misu, you love your new dog.  You can't get enough of her.  Poor Misu, you jump all over her and chase her around and poke her with things.  But she still loves you so much and never has gotten upset.  And you are so obsessed with her kibble, even though we tell you not to bother it.

In the last month you have stayed up very late.  We aren't sure why you stay up so late now.  But you sleep in just as equally late.  Which is very nice for Mama, but not so much for Daddy who stays up late with you.  You and daddy have had a great time in the late night jumping on the bed, eating snacks, watching 'Dees' (videos) of Signing Time and Veggie Tales, and also chasing the dog around.

You have been saying so many new words now.  I can't even keep track of all that you say.  You have such a good memory and repeat and remember everything.  You have also been putting some words together now almost making a sentence.   It's so fun to know exactly what you are asking for and to be able to carry on a conversation with you.  You also say 'home' a lot when we are some where that you feel uncomfortable.  Like, if we stay too long at your new friend Noah's house, or even at church because you want to go home and play with Misu.  And you say 'Let's go' when I am holding you and you want to go somewhere else, usually the kitchen.

I've been impressed with your potty talk now.  You tell us when you have to poop every time now.  Last night you took your potty to daddy and put it on the toilet and said 'potty'.  I've had such a good time ECing with you.

Eating has been a new thing for you as you are eating so much more than usual.  (My milk supply has been low because of pregnancy)  But you'll eat most everything.  When you wake up you almost always ask for breakfast, or a snack.  Then I say, what do you want for breakfast and your usual answer is 'eggs'.  (Because that's what I have and I think you've come to like them too)  You REALLY like pears recently and bananas of which you now eat the entire thing.  You also could eat sausage every meal and you still love cheese.  A new thing is that you like pot roast.  You call it soup, (i guess it is stew).  You'll try almost anything and you get so excited to eat dinner, though sometimes you get too distracted to eat.

You have a new pyro fascination, just like your daddy.  So we've been lighting candles all the time for you to see and blow out.  You love watching them and seeing the fire.  Hopefully it doesn't go much further.   I have to admit, that I really like the candles too even though I didn't use to.

I'm so surprised at how well you listen to us.  If we ask you not to bother something at someone else's house, you usually listen.  We can easily tell you things and you seem to always be understanding and compromise.  I love that about you.  You just know so much more than I thought and you are just so smart.
We love you so much and love spending every minute with you.  You are just so sweet and are so loving, but please stop growing!!


Lisa C said...

He's a lot like Michael was at that age. I keep thinking Luke is going to catch up with Michael any day now, but then I remember they are almost a year apart, and it's going to take a while to close that gap. But when Luke turns two, they'll both be 2 for a month and a half! lol Aw, I miss Luke.

Cassie said...

I know, I keep thinking about the catching up too... but yeah, maybe when they are older.
We miss you guys too. I asked Luke if he remembered Michael and he said his name a few times like he remembered. :)

Monica said...

it passes soooo quickly, but especially these first few years i think.

love that 3rd photo.

Baby Burd said...

Aw, Luke is growing so fast. I love the way you wrote this for your sweet son. We are so lucky to be able to stay home with these little ones as they grow!