Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Moving and Pregnancy

We just moved to the town where my husband works. It's more of a town where as before, it was more the suburb of the city. I miss where we used to live mostly because I miss our house. Right now we're in an apartment, which isn't so bad, but if we were going to be here longer I would have to do something about the chaos. We're currently in the process of closing on another house but it will be a couple more weeks until we will move again. I'm excited though that it will be before Christmas!!
Luke handled the move great. He loves new places. I asked him if he liked his new house and he said 'uh huh'!  Well, and he sleeps with us so there's really no room transition or anything that I hear about when people move with kids. 

I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and mostly over all morning sickness. There still are days that I feel nauseous but it's just from being tired. And it's pretty easy to get tired with a cute 18 month old running around!! 
Nursing is still going well. I had a thrush spell but I think it's mostly gone, knock on wood. And it still seems like I still have plenty of milk, and I'm really happy for that. 
I saw my midwife for my first official appointment around 12 weeks. We got to hear the baby's heartbeat... Music to our ears. And I really love my midwife!  She does home births only.  I'm really excited to do a home birth, I think it will be a lot more relaxing than the hospital and I'm really happy about it. Though we still have yet to tell some of our family, we'll see how that goes. 

Things are going pretty well. I'm really looking forward to thanksgiving and eating lots of yummy food. Though, I am sad about missing holiday beer. It's my favorite. 
I hope to update more now. I'm really going to try. 


Lisa C said...

I'm glad you got the house, yay! Sorry you have to live out there, though, ha ha. I'm looking forward to seeing you today...glad we have a New Seasons to keep you coming back for visits!

Glad your morning sickness is mostly gone, too. I've been getting a bit nauseated lately just thinking about getting pregnant again. Glad there's still milk for Luke, too. :) I think my thrush is gone, too. The symptoms went away, but every once in a while my nipple would feel weird, so I'd spray it again. I've been spraying it a couple times a week with the GSE solution, just for good measure. It's felt pretty normal lately.

I'm so excited for you to do a home birth, too! I have to experience it vicariously through you. I've probably said that before. lol No pressure, though. :p

Cassie said...

Yeah, I need to be using the GSE solution too. I need to.
I think I forgot to mention that I also missed my lovely neighbors too :(