Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another Attempt at a Schedule

My son is currently on a go to bed at 11 and wake up around 9-10 kinda guy.  Then he takes a 2-3 hour nap.  That is his usual, and its almost always predictable.

Somehow in the last month I got the idea that it would be nicer to go to bed earlier.  Looking back now, I can say, what was I thinking.

Ive been trying to push for an earlier bedtime at like 10 then waking up at around 8-9 then nap at around 1.  It has been a terrible last two weeks.  Luke has been moody, not very easy going, and kind of unhappy.  I have also been moody and, well, rigid.  On top of that we were trying to be a little more organized.  Like, making dinner on time when my husband comes home.  Like, making sure the house is picked up.  Being scheduled, you know, like 'normal' families.

We are not a normal family.

I gave up this last week.  It wasn't worth my son hating to nurse on the bed, always arguing with me saying nursing on the couch because he didn't want to go to bed.  He's NEVER not wanted to go to bed, he never fights going to bed, ever, until now.  It wasn't worth the moodyness on all party's just for a cleaner house.  It meant less time with my son, because now my time also divided with Taryn too.

This last week was amazing.  Happy kids, happy Mama, very happy Daddy (came home to a happy house), but  maybe not so much a cleaner house, and a little less sleep.  Ben and I have decided that a little extra sleep isn't worth it.  Our kids will be going to bed themselves in just a matter of a few years, why change a good thing? 

Another thing is that he sleeps WAY better and WAY longer when he isn't messed with.  When he goes to bed on his normal routine, he sleeps 12-14 hours almost every day.  He's so agreeable, so easy going, so fun.

I am happy.  I'm not listening to anyone else because this works for us.  We're just not the schedule type.

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