Tuesday, February 28, 2012

9 months

My dear little sweet bug Taryn,

9 months! Only 3 more to go until 1. Wow, just wow. You aren't my little newborn baby to hold anymore. You are independent and trying new things turning into your own person.
You are so independent you just crawl around our house room to room not really caring of anyone else comes with you. Yesterday I was back in the bedroom with napping Luke and you were just crawling from the kitchen to the play room. Played in there for a while. Then back to the kitchen with Daddy and then you were tired and hungry and knew to crawl back to the bedroom to me to nurse. You just have such an adventurous spirit.   You crawl to get into something and look back at me with a beaming smile, I know that smile is gonna be trouble.

with your brother at the park

You are able to pull up into standing.  I can tell you want to walk too but you just can't quite get those feet to move.  Luke is trying hard to get used to you up there now into all his trains.

Along with walking you are wanting to express yourself with some talking now.  You can wave and say something that sounds like 'hi dada'.  I pointed to Misu and said dog and you looked at me and said da.  I think you got it.  Funny you knew dog, that was Luke's first word too.  When you cry sometimes you say Mamamama.  You also enjoy screaming along with Luke.  When he talks loud you talk loud.

beach trip sand face


You are still LOVING food.  I gave you this broccoli coconut soup the other day and I could tell you didn't like it but you kept trying it anyway almost like 'well they gave it to me, it must be good'.  You still love your egg yolks and banana.  But now if we don't give you the food you wanted you just stand in your high chair and proceed to crawl on the table to get what you wanted.    You've had the chance to try nuts, even though we wanted to hold off till a year, because Luke left some around.  Same thing with cheese. That's pretty much how  you've gotten to try a lot of foods, because Luke leaves them around.  Oh well, at least we know it's ok to give those to you... but I think i'll still wait a bit.
your first valentine (and letter in the mail) from Grandma and Grandpa

You keep right on truckin' with EC.  You currently hardly ever wet at night.  You'll just nurse and nurse and nurse until someone takes you potty.  When daddy gets up to do it you cry, then feel relieved and happy because you peed but then upset again because you want to go back to sleep.  You're on and off during the day.  I think if I tried harder you could mostly stay dry all day.  Oh well.  And you don't seem to mind either.

Two weeks ago you had your first fever.  You have only been sick one other time really, just with a stuffy nose.  This time just the fever for two days then you had a rash.  We think it was roseola but we aren't too sure.  But you seemed to be just fine after the fever passed.  You have your 9 month check up Friday and I'll have to update this again with your height and weight.  You aren't as chubby as Luke was but you're pretty tall, so we'll see.

You are a Daddy's girl

We love you sweet Taryn.  You bring us joy with your loving personality.  Can't wait for more.

Love Mama and Daddy

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Lisa C said...

She's really cute. It's fun to see how she is different than Luke.

Just so you know, I read all these posts after you posted them but from my phone so I'm just commented now.