Sunday, June 3, 2012

Garden 2012

We've done quite a lot of work out in our garden this year.  We rotatilled in April.  Then I planted a bunch of seeds on my birthday.  Then, since we dug up our grass to build our garden last year, a bunch of grass grew up again.  I got busy, you know with the two little ones, that I couldn't tell the seedlings from the weeds.  The broccoli and kale grew fast enough that I weeded around it.  Since some of my seeds didn't work I bought a few starts- tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkins and peppers.  Then re-weeded and planted the starts and planted a few more kale seeds.  I also bought some radish seeds since the go so fast and my kids really like them.   So hopefully we'll have some good things coming out of our garden to supplement (not that we need supplements) for our CSA.    I'm really excited.

Ben and Luke putting the fence up

We also put this fence around mostly to keep the dog out because she likes to dig holes in my garden.  But also to keep my two best helpers out, too.  Sometimes they help a little too much ;)


Lisa C said...

Wow your garden bed looks bigger than I remember. It looks really good!

I know what you mean about not needing to supplement with a csa. I am almost lamenting that I planted lettuce, only it looks so tasty! Next time, I'll plant more beets since I could pickle them or make beet kvass. Plus, I love them.

How do you like your fence? It bugs me how our little fence gets in my way.

Cassie said...

I know, it's so hard to know what to plant with a CSA. Oh well. I still like growing.
Our fence is ok I have enough room to move around so far. We just have to have it because the dog digs sometimes. Oh and the kids like to trample on it, which I dont mind since they don't do too much damage but might as well try to keep everyone out. :)