Saturday, June 27, 2009

There's a Luke in my life now too!

I guess I'll update my blog. I keep wanting other people to update their blogs so I can have something to read but I guess instead I'll just update mine more frequently. :)

Since the last blog post Ben and I got married and have now had a baby. I guess it's been a while. We got married August 9th, 2008. We got pregnant right away with our little baby boy Luke. He is 5 weeks old today! Wow how time flies.

We have also bought a house and gotten laid off. lol. Those two things don't really go together. I volunteered to get laid off since we were having layoffs and I would get more $ by getting a severance package then I would if I took maternity leave. So that really worked out well. However, Ben got unexpectedly laid off which sucks. But, since we have saved a lot of money, and I'm still being paid, and unemployment we will be quite fine for a long time. It actually has worked out for the best. I couldn't imagine not having Ben home right now. I'd be so exhasted. It's really a blessing to be honest... and I'm sure we'll find something soon and I'm just enjoying the summer time home with Ben, Luke, and Pickle.

I have a lot more to add but I hear a crying baby.

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