Monday, September 20, 2010

6 weeks

I feel sick. Yep, it's started, the nausea. The good news is that I'm not throwing up and last time it only lasted until about weeks 12. So the bad news, I still have 6 more weeks like this :(. It could be cousin was so sick during her pregnancy she had to take something to not throw up. I cant believe she went through that.
I'm sipping on coffee right now because I think I have a caffiene headache from yesterday because coffee made me feel sick. But today it seems to be helping me feel better and i also have lavender rubbed on my feet which also seems to be helping. I found this website that has some natural remedies for pregnancy related things and I'm going to try all of the nausea ones today lol.
I've also noticed my breasts getting tender too. It doesn't hurt very bad when Luke nurses and it's really not too big of deal which is good, thankfully. We'll see how it goes.
My back is better! The acupuncture really did wonders and all the rest I had this weekend helped too. My husband did everything for me this weekend. I basically just laid around. And I'm almost finished watching The Office in its entirety again. It's still just as funny.
There were a few good things that happened when i hurt my back. One of them was that I left Luke with my mother in law while I went to urgent care. It was his first time being away from both of us. And he didn't care in the slightest! Even though it was sad for me, its good to know that he's fine. So far, I know he'd be just fine with my MIL because he loves her and my best friend Usa, who he's obsessed with.
Luke also spend a lot of time with Ben this weekend running errands and going places. All of which he was completely fine doing and sometimes i almost think he does better with my husband because there is no option of nursing all the time.
Anyway, my husband is back at work today... So it'll be my first full day taking care of Luke since I hurt myself and started to feel sick. I hope it goes ok. I'm thinking about getting some signing time movies at the library to watch in case i feel like just laying on the couch. Only 6 more weeks,6 more weeks.


Maman A Droit said...

I hope your tummy feels better soon. Do you like gingersnaps? "Anna's" brand is my fave! Anyway that might help! Or make gingerbread cookies from scratch with Luke! Fun and yummy, and who says they can only be for Christmas!?

Lisa C said...

I was sick my whole pregnancy. Had to go to the hospital a couple times to get rehydrated with an IV. They gave me anti-nausea medication, but I eventually switched to half a unisom tab with vitamin B6, which kept my tummy fairly calm. I hope your nausea goes away with your first trimester.

Glad your back is feeling better. Michael wanted to go to your house today, but we had to stay and man the house with the door off.

Meg said...

I'm so sorry! And I am in the same boat!!! My daughter is also 15 months and we just found out we're expecting! The nausea started this morning a bit, but still very low grade. I have a question for you:

I haven't started my daughter on cow's milk yet, but I'm wondering if now I should. She's nursing constantly which makes me wonder if my milk supply is already dropping. But it could just be comfort nursing for her teething too. Just wondering if you've already started cow's milk or plan to introduce now that you're pregnant.

Cassie said...

Doesn't being sick just suck? Blah I hope you feel better.
And I don't know about cows milk. I guess I'm hoping to nurse all the way through and I know my supply will drop. Maybe he'll just eat more food?? I'm hesitant to introduce cows milk because I was a little allergic as a kid. So I don't know what to do. :( I just got the book 'adventures of tandem nursing' maybe I should keep reading it.,.

Meg said...

I need to get that book still. I keep requesting our library to get it, but I'm thinking they're all like "not on your life, freak! we're not encouraging that kind of behavior!" so yeah, should probably buy it.

I'm hoping and praying that my morning sickness isn't as bad this time around. I've heard that breastfeeding can make it better which would be awesome as all I did as lie on the couch for 16 weeks with my daughter.

Next week, in preparation of the worst, I'm going to get together a bunch of freezer meals...hopefully. I may have to share my secret sooner than planned with a friend to get a little help in the teething toddler chasing area so I can get that cooking actually done.

Be praying for you and the "morning" sickness.

Monica said...

hope it doesn't get too bad for you. my sickness was horrid and in hindsight i should have taken something.

that's great that L was happy away from you. yes, a mixed feeling. but will work for all your benefit when the baby arrives.

great news about your back too.

Megan said...

okay, so my nausea hasn't been nearly as bad (yet!) as it was w/ my daughter and I think I've figured out the reason. 1) apparently apple cider vinegar or kombucha with water can help morning sickness a lot. I drink just 2-4 oz of kombucha a day. 2) raw milk has always been a remedy for morning sickness and we switched to raw just a few months ago. I'm hoping these are the reasons. My nausea was barely noticeable and then seemed to get worse and I realized I hadn't had kombucha in a few days. The downside is that you shouldn't start drinking kombucha while pregnant. You could try the apple cider vinegar though. Hope this helps a little! Praying for you!