Monday, December 13, 2010

Midwife appointment #2

I LOVE my midwife.  We just recently moved but she still does births in the new town I live in.  AND she CAME to MY HOUSE for the check up.  Now I don't have to drive 40 minutes every time I have an appointment.  It's pretty convenient too because she lives closer to me than to her office so on Fridays she makes home visits.
She did a heartbeat check.  Everything seemed to be going fine.  She also checked for twins.  I had had a dream I was having twins one night and also have been feeling the baby move around earlier than last time.  So I have been worried that I've been having twins.  (worried might be the wrong word, but it would be quite a job to take care of two newborns)  Anyway, I'm not, she said that it felt like one baby in there.  Whew. 

She took some blood last time and this time recommended me to take some extra iron and calcium.  I can already tell the difference with the iron. I am feeling much more energetic than I have been.  I just feel almost normal now!  Wow, what a difference.

Anyway, I just love her.  She just makes me feel so confident about the homebirth.  I just know that this is the right choice for me because it feels right.  I am so excited to labor at home, I know that this is the type of birth I want. 
I will have an ultra sound sometime in the next couple of weeks, hopefully before Christmas, to have everything else checked and to see if we can find out if it's a boy or girl.  I'm guessing boy and I hope it's a boy, though, we wouldn't be disappointed with a girl either.

As far as nursing goes, I'm still making milk.  I'm not sure how much... but it still squirts out pretty good.  And sometimes Luke eats a lot of regular food and sometimes he doesn't so I really can't tell if my supply is down yet.  But it's enough right now and I'm happy about that.  Especially since Luke has a cold this week.

That's pretty much it for now.  We moved into our new house this last weekend and I'm loving it so far.  Can't wait to get even more settled!


Megan said...

So glad all is going well for you!

We just made a decision to scrap the home birth plan for this pregnancy. Our insurance would not tell us how much they would cover, I would have to drive an hour to my appts all winter (in Iowa!), and the midwife didn't want me bringing my daughter, so I'd have to find childcare for her for at least 3 hours each time. It just seemed like this was not the time to do it. I'm disappointed, but I'm also looking forward to not having to drive and leave my daughter for so long all the time. I still have to find a doctor now, preferably one who will allow me to have a doula. No luck so far, but I did get to hear the heartbeat last week at my daughter's 18 month appt.

Hope your ultrasound goes well and you get to find out the sex!

Cassie said...

Wow! No kids at the appointment and an hour drive in the snow? Yeah no way would I do that! We're lucky it doesn't snow much here and if it does the city shuts down haha. Too bad there isn't one closer :(. I think, though, I wouldn't mind the hospital this time just because I know how things happen now. And it still may not work out to have my baby at home, you never know what could happen.
Hope things are going well with you! Glad to know you are feeling a little better. I'm actually really excited to give birth this time, I'm really tired of being pregnant :D

Janice said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! That's fabulous that your midwife actually came to your house. How wonderful is that?