Saturday, January 28, 2012

Food and Me

We have been seriously paleo here for the last 7 months.  Really being pretty strict.  Well, just recently I've tried a few new foods out, and a few old ones and here's what I got...

Problem foods

Peanut Butter  I haven't had peanut  butter in a very long time.  Probably over a year.  I tried it again because my friend, Lisa, accidentally said it was a GAPS acceptable food.  Anyway, she thought it was but it wasn't.  Regardless of whether it is or not, it was fun to test it out.  It was not a good one.  I kinda got diarrhea from it, well not exactly, but every morning I had the urgent feeling to run to the bathroom.  Maybe that's a food for later.

Beer  I love beer.  Especially dark winter beers.  But wow, do they give me a headache.  Now, I'm not drinking like college here, I'm only having one.  But I always wake up with a headache.

Sushi Night  I had rice and probably some gluten in the sushi rolls (some of it was fried).  The next morning major moodiness.  I just have irritability and I'm very impatient, two things that are not great when taking care of small kids.  This also happened with chips and salsa at Chevy's, and probably food was cooked in strange oil.

Potatoes  Lisa also told me that people should wait to have potatoes on GAPS and that starch seems to be a problem for people and may be the cause of my sinus headaches.  So I tested it a little (still need more testing)... I didn't have potatoes for a couple of weeks then we got some from out CSA this week so we had some.  Boom, sinus headache the next morning.

Apple Juice  Ok, I didn't have this one, Luke did.  He never eats any sugar but honey and maple syrup once and a while or some dark chocolate.  We were out at a restaurant and we got him some.  I can finally understand the phrase terrible twos after that.  It's no wonder two year olds have mood swings and temper tantrums- SUGAR!  He won't be getting that again.

New Foods

I've tried a lot of new foods recently because I've been reading about certain foods being high in vitamins.  I can't say that I like them really but maybe my body will start to crave them.

Chicken Liver (cooked and raw)- trying to have once a week
Bone broth (last batch made with chicken feet- try seeing a claw surfacing in your broth GROSS!) - at every meal (I actually like this)
Salmon Eggs- yuck but really high in Vitamin D.  My kids LOVE them.
Oysters- They are ok.  High in Magnesium and many other things.
Raw fish at sushi- Pretty good but need to not eat rice and other things with it.

I'm really proud of myself for trying some of these foods... I'm becoming slowly more adventurous. 

I am tempted to start the GAPS diet, or at least do the intro.  I think that my gut could use some healing and then maybe I won't have the sinus headaches and could eat dairy again.  But I'll need to read (and buy) the book.  Lisa is starting GAPS soon over at Nourishing My Life and I'm really excited to see how it effects her before I try :)
I still have a long ways to go till I find the optimal diet but I'm making headway.

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Lisa C said...

Well you know I wasn't totally wrong about peanut butter...I hope your gut can heal so you can have the foods you really want! Personally, all I care about is chocolate and milk, lol. I'm going to miss those.

And isn't sugar just crazy in toddlers??

I'm still not sure about my reactions to food. I mean, there are a few specific things like pizza that I know are killer on my digestion, but I suspect some of the stuff I am eating now is having subtle effects on me that I can't really notice. Maybe doing GAPS intro will help me figure it out.