Friday, April 27, 2012

11 months (wednesday)

Dear Sweet Taryn,

11 months already.. just one more precious month of under one.  I miss my newborn.  I miss the small wrapped baby in my arms.  But I love this stage, too. 

at the park with no shoes!

You have quite the personality.  Very independent and strong willed.  You want what you want, and no one better get in your way.  When I try re-directing you to something else when you are doing something I don't really want you to do, you get limp and make a fuss.  And you have to have every thing your brother has, no substitute.

You just got your first front tooth, and are about to pop a couple more through.  It has made you clingy and agitated.  I can't wait till they come through.  You will love having more teeth, though, because you love to eat!

Speaking of food... you still love your egg yolks (you must know they are so good for you).  I try giving you liver every now and again, you don't love it.  You love bananas, still.  And your new thing is sauerkraut, you LOVE sauerkraut.  You eat way too much of it.  Then there's those frozen blueberries you love, too.  You don't like that cod liver oil we force feed you every  night.  It's funny because Luke loves it.

eating homemade kefir with  banana

You are still crawling and now moving on to furniture crawling.  I am a little surprised you aren't walking yet, but am really glad about it in some ways.  I think when you walk you will almost immediately run.  I saw you sit down on the kneeler at church and then stand up almost with out holding on.  You're getting it.  I'm not in a hurry, two walking kids is going to wear me out!!

You and Luke at Easter

When we talk to you, you understand everything now.  Daddy says, 'Taryn, will you pick up that fork?' you reach over and grab it and hand it to him.  You know exactly what we're saying.

We also say 'Kiss Taryn' and you lean over with your open mouth and tongue kiss and smother us.  It's really sweet.  Then you say 'uh uh uh' so that Luke will lean in to kiss you too.  He doesn't go for the open mouth one very often.

Luke and you play together better than ever now.  The only problem is that you're just a little abrasive with Luke.  Lets just say you love your brother a little too much :)  You will grab on to him and pinch or pull his hair.  He doesn't like it very much but puts up with it well because he loves you.  Even the other day he says 'Mama, PUT HER DOWN'.  I asked why I should put her down.  He says 'So I can play with her.' Aww so sweet. 

bothering Luke

We just sent out the invitations to you and Luke's birthday party bash.  It should be fun, we can't wait.  But we can wait until you are one... it's gone so fast.  We don't know how we lost our little baby so fast.  You are just so sweet and loving.

We love you dear Taryn so very much,

Mama and Daddy

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