Saturday, April 28, 2012


For the last two years my best friend and I (and my husband and kids) have gone to Benihanas for our birthday. Mine is the 10th and hers is the 18th. Benihanas gives a 30 dollar gift coupon on your birthday so we take advantage.
My son loves it. He loves watching the chef throw around the food. He liked it last year at almost 2 but this year at almost 3 he LOVED it. He's always liked to cook so he really likes seeing chef do the famous onion volcano with steam pouring out and they even flipped a shrimp tale at him. Luke likes eating there just as much. We don't eat rice at home so it's always his favorite along with the shrimp.
Taryn liked it too. She mostly wanted to eat. When we got there she was fussy because we wouldn't let her crawl around the restaurant. Sorry, Taryn. But once she discovered she was going to eat she was pretty happy.
I ordered steak and shrimp. And it was really good. Usa got lobster and steak and they forgot to do her lobster, well I think the waitress got the order wrong. So she got her lobster as dessert.
We had a lot of fun. Can't wait for next year!

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