Sunday, June 15, 2008

7 miles

Well... Our first week of Marathon training is over. We ran...
Monday Rest
3 miles Tuesday
3 miles Wednesday
3 miles Thursday
Rest Friday
7 miles Saturday
Swimming Sunday ( Sunday is cross training)

It wasn't hard to do the first three days of running since I normally do about 3 miles. Saturday was a little bit more challenging though especially since the first 3 and 1/2 miles were uphill.
We ran in Forest Park in NW. It was such a great place to go running... not only did we think so, but the other 100 people or so that were there also did. That is a well traveled running trail.
My right foot hurts a little and did the last mile and a half. I think it's just a little stiff from the week. I did get new running shoes, Wed, which helped a lot. They are so incredibly comfortable. I would recommend them to anyone. (Picture shown on the top of the blog)
What a great weekend. I'm really looking forward to all the running we have left to do... It's been so long since I've run over 5-6 miles. It has probably been 4 years since I ran that far before. But I will soon pass that, in two Saturdays we will be running 9 miles! Ahh!

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