Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pickle goes wild.

I am sitting outside right now, yeah working from home, with Pickle. He's running all over the place chasing bugs. This has been his first few times outside and he loves it.

My foot is getting a little better. We have been running on the track at his old high school to help my foot. The track is softer than pavement and flat so I don't over-stretch my foot. Running on a track is kind of boring but at least i have someone with me running.
This week has been... M Rest T 3m W 4m Th 3m F Rest S-we will run 5 miles, S XT. Not too bad. Next week will be a killer... we run 9 miles on Saturday.

Allergies are BAD here. I read an article online yesterday that said the top 3 places with the most pollen for yesterday and this week are all in the Willamette Valley.. Salem, Eugene, Portland. Lame. I haven't been able to breathe the last few mornings waking up.

Tonight is a Young Adults Meeting. I'm not sure how many people are going to attend. We didn't hand out fliers at all because we didn't know if our speaker was going to be avalible. So we didn't want to advertise too much if we didn't have a speaker. Oh well. I know they'll be 4 people for sure. Our speakers are going to talk about Natural Family Planning and why the Church is against contraception. It should be really interesting because of course that's one of my favorite topics.

Then, Friday night Jesse Ramero is going to speak at our church! I had never heard of him before but he was on Catholic radio yesterday and I have a feeling the talk will be amazing.

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