Friday, June 6, 2008

Paper Towels SUCK

I'm sick of the cheap paper towels. I know that's such a stupid complaint but just listen to this.

A typical person probably uses 3-4 towels (on average) per hand wash. You have to use that many papers because the paper doesn't collect ANY of the water on your hand. It's always that brown fake recycled paper that is more like writing paper than a hand towel.

Now think... if they just made a little higher quality paper towel that soaked up the water on your hands you would probably only need one. I think the cost and resources would be exactly equal. The amount of paper used would be the same since you would only use one high quality.

It also makes me mad when those motion detection paper towel machines dispense a little small paper towel. Then you always have to get two. You really don't need two. You just need 1 and 1/2. But I'm sure the restroom of business sets the paper to only dispense a small amount so they will save money on paper towel purchases. They don't know how stupid that is because they probably waste more money because people use 2 instead of one slightly bigger one.

People just don't think. Save the environment.

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