Friday, June 24, 2011

Car Seat and Baby Rash

We got convertible car seat for our new baby.  The Britax advocate.  It says 5lb-65.  We didn't really like to leave Luke in the car seat once we heard that it could be bad for them to sit in it for long periods of time.  So we would always take him out then sling him at stores.  Oh, and the fact he hated the car seat. 

This time I wondered if they only made infant seats just purely for the fact that they are easily removable?  And that you could carry them from the car to the house in the seat?  I can see the advantage of that, especially with two kids, especially if the baby is sleeping.  But, since we rarely left Luke in that seat, we decided we wouldn't do it with our new baby. 

We bought the big car seat that can be used in the early days, and then converted into a front facing seat, that stays in the car.  The one disadvantage is that the seat is so bulky, I can't reach around to hand her anything while I'm driving (at a stop light of course).  So I questioned the decision.  So much so that my husband and I went to target last night and bought an infant seat, thinking it would magically be better.  We put it into the car, same thing, we couldn't reach around it too, it's just too far back there.  I couldn't tell it was any different as far as me being able to reach.  After all that, my husband taking the old seat out and putting it into the trunk, opening the new one and putting that into the car, we took it out and took it back inside and got our money back.  Should have just gone with my original idea.  Plus, those nice (expensive) convertible seats are lot better quality than the infant ones.


I noticed Taryn barely had any baby acne.  Luke had quite a bit more. 

I figured it out.  My midwife gave us those papers after the baby was born on care for mother and baby.  I noticed that those papers mentioned a lot more natural remedies than the ones we were given with Luke.  One that really stuck out was that we shouldn't use any commercial wipes for our newborn.  We should only be using water with cloth.  We were planning on doing that anyway (maybe adding some almond oil) but only because we got cloth wipes to go along with our cloth diapers that we're going to have to wash anyway.  I read on, it said don't use commercial soap or lotion or oil.  So we've really only used a wet cloth when we need to wipe something off of her.  We haven't even given her a bath *GASP*.  And I never even planned to after we stopped using any harsh soaps or shampoo on Luke too.  In fact we really only use soap on Luke's hands.  I sometimes put some natural soap on him, but very rarely.
I wondered today, was it the soaps, lotions and oils causing babies to get a lot of baby acne?   I looked it up and even baby center said that it could cause more rashes. 
Then I thought about what they gave us for Luke in the hospital.  They used Johnson and Johnson on him when he was a day old.  Then they gave us the bottle.  Then someone else bought us that soap too.  So we used it.  We had no idea.  Luke's wasn't that bad either... we didn't bath him that regularly as a baby either.
Isn't that wrong?  Everyone recommends not using soap, lotion or oil.  Then why does the hospital use it?  Why does everyone give it?  Ugg, advertising...


Lisa C said...

I missed a couple of your posts, how did that happen?

Weird you couldn't reach back around the carseat. I was able to do that for Michael (thank goodness).

Michael got a lot of acne around 3 weeks old, but it wasn't from cosmetics. We were told not to use anything but water on him. I have heard the acne is from the mother's hormones that get into the baby's body (I think before they are born), and it usually takes a few weeks before the acne flares up, and the acne goes away once the hormones are out of their system.

However, it makes sense that the lotion and soap would make it worse.

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