Sunday, June 19, 2011

Waste not and a little postpartum help

I've had my parents up at my house for the last week and a half when Ben went back to work to help with things.  It so happened that I ended up taking care of the kids and they did everything else.  They made dinner every night, even making the meals primal.  They did laundry.  They folded diapers.  They put stuff away.  They mopped floors.  My dad did about 70% of my garden so now every thing is planted.

I'm getting a little off track.  While my parents were here there were two things I really liked.  They always made enough dinner for leftovers for lunch the next day.  I hate making lunch so this was genius to me.  So now, when planning meals, I am planning to buy and make enough for lunch the next day.  That's one less thing to do the next day.

But there's always the leftovers, you know, that one person serving left over.  Ben and I always have that one bit left over, just enough for one of us, but not enough for another meal for all of us.  My step mom was saying that when she was a kid her mom would save the one serving leftovers in foil then in a freezer bag.  Then when they had enough one servings for everyone they would heat them all in the oven and have a left over day.  That is so smart to me.  So, I started doing that over the week (with the help of my parents and husband) and we have several single serving meals.  Even if we don't have left over days, we could always heat it up for lunch instead.  If we can get in the habit of this we will waste so much less food.

What do you do to not waste food?  Left over days?  Freezer meals?

By the way, I'm working on typing my birth story so that will be coming soon.  I've really had my hands full with both kids :)


Janice said...

Hi Cassie: So great that your parents have been such a great help to you!!! My MIL and mom did the same when Moses was first born and we were so thankful!! We also save leftovers, and often try to freeze leftovers that we don't think we'll eat right away. I love eating leftovers!

Lisa C said...

Sounds like your parents gave you the right kind of help. :)

I've tried the freezing leftover thing...but I always forget about it and it gets freezer burn. Usually if there is only one serving left, I'll have it for lunch the next day. If there are morning servings, then we'll have it again for dinner. I love not having to cook every day, so I like leftovers.