Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baby Taryn is here

Taryn was born on May 25th at 4:32pm, at home, and she weighed 9lb 4oz and was 21 inches long.

right after birth
She was born on my dad's birthday.  It was pretty special since my dad and I are so close... and I almost had Luke on my dad's birthday (his is May 23rd).  He was just so excited.

This is my favorite picture.  The first time he asked to hold her.  

Taryn looks almost identical to Luke when he was a baby.  Sometimes my husband and I accidentally call her Luke especially in the middle of the night when we're tired. 

I loved my birth.  I'll have to write it down soon before I forget.  I'm really happy I choose to deliver at home.  It was a nice transition.  And, I feel way  better after this labor/delivery then I did with Luke.  I just feel like I'm recovering quicker. 

I suppose I could have blogged sooner but my husband has taken two weeks off work (tomorrow is his last day) and I just didn't want to spend much time on the actual computer.  I've just been using my iphone and I really think this is the second time I've been on it.   Oh, and we've had our hands full with two little ones I just haven't had much time.  I just wanted to write a quick one saying that she's here and we're one big happy (sleep deprived) family of four (and six if you count the cat and dog).


Zoie @ TouchstoneZ said...

Hurray! Congratulations on your beautiful baby and homebirth! Happy Babymooning

Lisa C said...

LOL about accidentally calling her Luke. I bet a lot of parents do that.

I liked your birth story when you told it to me, but will love to read it when you write it, too.

I will have to get you pictures soon so you can post them, too. Heck, I'd post them for you if I could. I can't blame you for not wanting to spend time on the computer.

Monica said...


i figured you had the baby when you didn't blog, but boy was i anxious. kept checking your blog. lol

wishing her wonderful health and much laughter. and tons of sleep for you both.

Janice said...

Cassie: Congratulations on the birth of baby Taryn. So glad to hear that she is healthy and you are well and that you have a great delivery at home. I join Monica in wishing you health, happiness and all lots of sleep (as much as possible with a new born)!

Take good care,

Megan said...

So happy for you guys! Can't wait to hear her birth story!

Maman A Droit said...

Hurray! Congratulations!!!! She's beautiful :)

TopHat said...

Congrats! She's beautiful!