Monday, May 23, 2011

2 years old!

My Dear Sweet Luke,

I love you so much.  I can hardly say how much I love you, me and Daddy both.  We can't believe it's been two whole years since you've graced our presence.  You are the best thing that's happened to our marriage, you are the most special thing to us and we love spending our time caring for you.

You have gotten so big, and it makes me tear saying that you are so much more a little boy then a baby now.  You have learned so much and started talking so much more.  We love to hear you talk and know what you have to say.  In fact, since you've been saying more complete sentences and thoughts I've wrote down a few that have made me and Daddy laugh.

Me: You're birthday is coming soon
You: Yes!
Me: We got you a present
You: No!
Me: ok...
You:  It's scary

We did give you part of your present today, Tinker Toys, at your birthday party with Grandma, Papa, Aunt Casey, Cousin Kenzie and Cousin Kruz.  You happened to really like them and it wasn't so scary.  It wasn't as scary as when we sung happy birthday to you.  I think you were scared of all the attention.  But it's ok, maybe next year.

Cousin Kenzie helping you open your present

with daddy checking out new presents

We make a lot of trips up to see Grandma and Papa or Usa, or sometimes just to go shopping or to do something fun.  You love to cross the huge bridges downtown and see the boats down on the river.  Once when we went to Usa's house I told you to look out the window at the boats.  You said...

"Careful Boat.  Careful.  Here comes dolphin."
You make me laugh.  When we eat you put something into your mouth, think for a moment then say 'It tastes... like...'.  When you climb down from dinner off of the bar stools you say "help, self".  Instead of asking, help Mama or help Daddy.  I'm surprised at how much food you love now too.  You eat almost anything we make and you'll try almost anything.  There's a song on a youtube sesame street video where the count sings 'eight, eight, eight is great'.  You sing 'steak, steak, steak is great.'  And you still love bananas.  Though, as summer gets closer, I think you'll make your swing to berries again. 

Thai food for lunch

Everything is 'huge one' to you.  If there is a big bite, you say huge one.  Sometimes when you go poop in the toilet you come out and say 'huge poop'.  Or when you pee, you say 'huge pee'.   Or when asking for a slice of butter, when we are cooking, you almost always ask 'huge one'... saying that you want a huge slice of butter.   You also say 'small one' too.  

One thing that is an obsession for you right now is playing guitar.  You were playing one of your Daddy's electric guitars but it was way too heavy to carry around so Daddy bought you an acoustic guitar.  You guys went to the store and picked it out.  There was a range of sizes but you chose the largest one.  Every time you talk about your guitar you tell us that 'you bought it at the store, and you chose it'.  Not a day goes by with out you playing guitar.  Especially when Daddy gets home.

Daddy and you play lots of games when he gets home from work.  Mostly guitar but also 'chase daddy', hide and seek, roll off bed, 'under blanket', run in circles with ballons.  (Notice all of the running games that pregnant Mama can't do right now.  Can't wait to run around with you again.)

Your best friend is Misu.  Even though every once and a while you bang her head with one of your toys (she's a very patient dog), you still love her.  In fact, when our neighbors took Misu for a walk you cried for almost 10 minutes wondering where she went.  You thought she was gone.  It was very sad.  You also tell her that you love her while you give her a big hug.  'I wuv you, Misu'.  It melts our hearts.  

We also can't handle how you can work technology.  You can open Netflix on our iPhones and watch your Kipper show.  You know how to find almost every App that we've downloaded for you.  And just recently you know that our phones store tons of pictures and videos we've taken of you.  You love to watch all the videos of yourself and see pictures of things we've recently done to remember them.  Some day between you and Daddy, you guys will probably do some crazy computer stuff.

We've enjoyed the last two years so much.  I know every year we'll say the same thing.  We love watching you grow, but we can't believe it's happening so fast.   I'll miss these days so much when you're older but the next stages will bring more exciting stuff.  

We love you so much, 
Mama and Daddy


Monica said...

Happy Birthday sweet little boy!

Happiest Day of Birth Mama!

(ooh, their birthdays will be side by side!)

Maman A Droit said...

Awww Happy Birthday to your little cutie!!