Friday, May 20, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday...5


Wednesday night was a late one for us.  Luke didn't sleep till 12:30 or so.  I was groggy so I'm not sure exactly what time everything took place but all I know is that I woke up right before two, twenty minutes after my husband went to bed, and saw police lights flashing through our bedroom window.  The lights were coming from the back side of our house.  I woke my husband up.  We both looked out, at first we thought it was just someone getting pulled over.  But then after a few minutes they did that quick siren beep every couple of minutes.  That usually happens when they are chasing someone, on foot, to scare them into running.  My husband turned on his iPhone police scanner app (yeah I don't know why he has it) and we listened to try to figure out what they were doing.  It was actually pretty creepy at first because we did find out that they were trying to chase someone on foot that was less than half a mile to our house.  Then we were trying to figure out clues as to what they were doing.  This lasted until about 3:30 am then they finally caught the guy, laying down in someone's backyard, which we think was his girlfriend's yard.  And we think that the girlfriend called the police.  And then we think he was drunk driving because they talked about him hitting cars.  But other than that we still don't know all the details.  I was tired in the morning.... but it was kinda fun listening in on all the action with my husband.


I'm 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant now.  I'm actually ok with waiting now until after the weekend so that we can celebrate Luke's 2nd birthday, Monday the 23rd.  We're supposed to have a party for him Sunday if nothing happens before.


I've been enjoying listening to Mark Sisson and Dr Mercola talk about health in this 7 part series.  I haven't finished it yet, but so far it's really interesting.  I didn't know this before but Mark's Daily Apple is the #3 Health website on the Internet.  Crazy right??

We got a kids pool for our backyard this week.  It was one of the things I wanted to get before the baby came so that we'd have a few things to do in the backyard during the nice summer weather.  We had a couple of 70 degree weather days here this week so we gave it a try.  Luke really didn't go all the way in, mostly just his feet.  And the dog enjoyed drinking the water.

Have I mentioned I love our new house? 

We went to Spanish Mass last Sunday.  We woke up really unusually early so we thought we'd go to 8:30 but Luke had a melt down before we went so we decided just to stay at home until 10:30 Mass because then we could calm down before going.  But then Luke fell back asleep.  So we were left with Spanish Mass.  But I really enjoy it.  There are TONS of kids Luke's age so we don't feel so out of place when Luke talks loud or make a bunch of noise.  I think the 10:30 Mass we usually go to is a little more quiet.  And the music is awesome... Luke really likes the guitar player and his 'back pack' (shoulder strap). 

This is a new game at our house.  I don't like it when my husband isn't here... just in case he actually hurts himself.  And, of course, the morning after my husband and him were doing this game, while my husband was at work, Luke decided to head plant into the floor. 

Luke and I had a really great week together.  They'll be lots of changes when the baby comes, hopefully not too big, but I'm enjoying Mama and Luke time while I've got it :)

I love doing things like this because I can actually come up with things to talk about.  Then I also get to write down and remember my week.  See you next Friday!
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Brenda said...

Sounds like a good day! :)

Just remember to do your own research on things Dr. Mercola says. Often, his research is not peer-reviewed and uses very biased sources for information. I found some good stuff on his site, but some things, like his info on raw milk, is very off base.

Cassie said...

I actually don't follow that Dr. I've only read a little stuff from him. I mostly follow marks daily apple.