Thursday, May 5, 2011

A fun stay at home day

In case you missed (but really how could you), I'm pregnant... and sometimes  dont' really feel like going anywhere.  So yesterday we didn't.  But it was a really great day.

First we got up and I had lots of energy.  I don't know why.  I had been having some contractions the day before but yesterday, not so much.  Luke and I had a great breakfast of primal waffles and sausage.  About that time, Ben came home for lunch (yeah we get up late so sometimes they overlap). He normally comes home for lunch since he only works a mile and a half away.  But the last few days he's been busy with meetings at lunch, then Luke and I had been gone at lunch one day.  So it was fun to continue our family lunch time as usual.

flipping the sausage

pouring the batter on.  his favorite part.

there's almost not a meal that passes where Luke doesn't eat butter

Once Ben went back to work we hung our laundry outside.  It was the second official time we've been able to do that.  Finally some nice days.

Then it was nap time.  After nap I decided to ask Luke if he wanted a picnic.  He talks about picnics sometimes because his dog show that he watches has a scene when they do a picnic.  He was really excited about the picnic, he got right out of bed after the nap.  We made a few things and took them outside in the front yard (instead of the backyard so the dog wouldn't bother us).  We stayed out there for almost an hour eating and looking around.  We saw a bluebird land on our mail box, a few different bugs, and airplanes fly by in the sky.

picnic time

can you see the bluebird? 

Once we were done I asked Luke if he wanted to go to the park.  It was about 4 at this point and my husband doesn't get home until 6.  He was excited but once we got inside he decided he wanted to play with his blocks and toys in our 'playroom' living room.  We really need a couch or something comfortable to sit in that room so I wasn't too excited at first.  But, it turned out to be really fun.  We played pandora toddler tunes and played with toys.  I actually had a really fun time just playing.  I even built this cool block thing but then Luke promptly knocked it over, pic below.

my towers


After Ben got home we had dinner outside to take advantage of the warm weather.  Since we grilled dinner, clean up was easy!  Then we took a walk with the dog to the park and stayed there until it was dusk.

Luke playing 'chase Daddy' on the way to the park.

skinned knee :( one of the first.  thankfully he didn't really care about it.

still chasing Daddy and Misu

Doggy likes park too

my husband almost always climbs to the top of this thing when we go to the park.  he was kinda disappointed I didn't take the picture when he was at the top.  but just so you know, he can climb to the top :) lol

Sometimes I can't believe how fun it is just to relax at home and actually play.  Playing more often is something I think I need to do more of.  I mean I play all the time, but sometimes I don't play like a child... with blocks and toys and my imagination.

I wanted to type this day down before I forgot what a great day we had.

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Lisa C said...

That sounds like a really nice day. I think it's so funny Luke just eats butter like that. Haha, and glad Ben can climb to the top. lol.