Thursday, July 28, 2011

2 Months! (Monday)

Dear Sweet Little Taryn,

You're still so small.  You're so lovable.  We can't believe it's been two whole months since your birth

You are very observant.  We're not sure if you don't like being held long in the Ergo or Moby because you have tummy bubbles or because you want to see.  You love to watch your brother play and talk.  If he's around you couldn't be happier.

This month you've started to smile on purpose.  You've also decided to laugh in the last couple of days.  Your laugh is the sweetest thing.  You think it's funny when we say boo at you and lift you up and down.  We are loving your squeal too. 

You are such an easy baby minus the tummy troubles in the beginning.  You've started sleeping well in the last week, helping your Mama and Daddy get some more rest.  You don't mind the car too much.  You don't mind to be put down for a bit when I have to help your brother. 

Quite the talker you are.  You say your coos when I am talking on the phone to Grandpa Jack.  And your Grandma Cheryl said 'you might be another talker like your Mama.'  lol.  Maybe one day between you and Luke I won't be able to get a word in!
This past weekend you met your great grandmother.  You just coo-ed away at her.

You are strong, you can already support your weight on your legs while we hold you.  Your head control is pretty good too!  And you drool all over the place, we almost think you are teething...

I forgot how sweet a baby smells, but your head has the sweetest baby smell.

You've already really taken to EC.  You love that you don't have to pee and poo in your diaper.  And it really upsets you when you do.

At night when we are trying to get you to go to sleep, after nursing, daddy takes you and listens to podcasts of priests homilies.  You also like the sound of the dryer (which is a good thing, we wash a lot of diapers around here).  Both of those put you right to sleep... and the warm hold of Daddy.

We love you dear Taryn. Can't wait for more!!

Love Mama and Daddy


Janice said...

Hi Cassie: Taryn is beautiful. Hard to believe that she's already 2 months old. And, wow -- she's doing EC! So great for her and for you guys too!!

Lisa C said...

Awesome EC picture!

I'm reading this, she can already do all that already? But then I remember Michael was amazing like that, too.

I need to visit you guys again. I want to hear Taryn laugh and see her smile!