Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lots of Lettuce Salad

We have an abundance of lettuce around here since we've started our CSA.

We have two shares so that means we've received 8, yes 8, HEADS of lettuce.  The first week we had lettuce wraps a couple times and LOTS of salad.  This week we got a recipe from the farmers.  I modified it a little.  It was wilted lettuce salad.  I used yams instead of potatoes.  But, before that recipe I didn't know you could wilt lettuce.  So today I tried something out.  This is my recipe called extra lettuce veggie salad.

2 Tablespoons of coconut oil
1/2-1 head of lettuce chopped up

1 large zucchini chopped up

1/2 head of cabbage chopped up

1 sweet onion diced

1 teaspoon (or so) of Paprika
1 teaspoon (or so) of garlic powder
a few swirls of balsamic vinegar

heat pan on medium heat add coconut oil, zucchini, onion, and cabbage.  Then add spices while stirring.  After veggies have gotten soft add lettuce to wilt.  Once it's almost wilted add balsamic vinegar.  And that's it!  It's so yummy!

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Lisa C said...

I knew you could wilt lettuce but I don't think I've tried it yet. Seems like it'd be easier to eat more though.