Saturday, July 9, 2011

Primal Challenge

I have mostly been eating primal/paleo through out the last of my pregnancy until now but I really wanted to stop cheating.  I wanted to really stop eating sugar because it's toxic, read here and also grains because of the way they hinder digestion and cause loads of other problems, read here. But even more than that, I feel so good eating a clean diet.  So Ben and I decided that once I felt like it, we would do a '30 day primal challenge'.  
For us, it means...
  • no cheating - no grains, no sugar, nothing but good old paleo foods.
  • getting better at preparing food in advanced to eliminate the need to eat out.
  • adapting more of the primal lifestyle, more below.

We started a month after Taryn was born, June 25.  It's been about two weeks and boy do I feel great.  I have WAY more energy than I did post-partum with Luke! 

But more than just the eating, I wanted to adapt more primal things into my life.  The ten primal blueprint laws from The Primal Blueprint are...

1. Eat lots of animals and plants.

We are really working on this 30 days because I don't want to push myself too hard with the working out thing because I don't want to hurt my milk supply

2. Move around at a slow pace.

We are trying to go on nightly walks.  Even if not too far, just getting out and taking a few loops around the neighborhood.  I also am trying to walk around a lot outside with Luke when we play.
Some nights this hasn't been easy for us.  It seems like by the time dinner and dishes are done we don't have time.  So making time and maximizing our time needs to be improved on.

3. Lift heavy things.

 Haven't really started this yet. Besides the two kids I tote around.

4. Run really fast every once and a while.

Started my first primal work out last week.  I haven't tried sprinting yet.

5. Get lots of sleep.

Trying hard at this one too.  It's a little more difficult with a baby.  But I'm really trying to make sure I take full advantage of nap time, and I started doing this when I was pregnant so it's pretty easy.

6. Play.

You would think this one is easy since I have kids.  But I have noticed that myself and a lot of other parents just watch their kids play.  Instead I am making an effort to actually play.  Do you sit on the mom bench at the park?  Why?  Maybe it's time we all get out and go climb the monkey bars.

7. Get some sunlight every day.

This one is easy in the summer.  But, I also have been trying to take my vitamin D every day.  

8. Avoid Trama.

Lower stress.  I have my moments but I'm really trying not to let stupid things bother me.

9. Avoid posionous things.

Grains.  Sugar.  Also, trying to eliminate things that don't help my religious life or my kids.  I have always tried to do that.  An example is that I don't watch Bachelorette on the TV anymore.  I don't think it's appropriate for Luke to see so I wait until nap time or when my husband is home and watch on the computer.

10. Use your mind.

I have been trying to learn new things and explore new ideas.  Also am trying to brainstorm ways to decorate our playroom when I get the opportunities - creative energy.

I hope I can keep improving on things.  I am enjoying challenging myself, especially eating.  I feel so healthy.


Lisa C said...

Lol, I think I've got #10 down! Working on #2, #6, #7, and #8. Well, obviously I am trying to eat better, too. For some reason I just want a lot of dairy and summer fruits, with the occasional meat. But right now I'm totally craving BBQ chicken. Mmmm.

So aren't they doing like a big group challenge in August or something? I thought that's what you told me.

Cassie said...

Yeah they do it in September. That one has prizes and giveaways on MDA. I could have waited until the. But why wait to feel great ;)