Monday, May 28, 2012

1 year

Another late post.  Taryn was born on May 25th.  I had her last year on my dad's birthday :)  and it was my first home birth!

Dear Sweet Little Taryn,

Wow, just a year ago we were getting ready for our first homebirth.  We had no idea what it would be like to have another child.  You have surpassed everything we imagined.  You grace us with your joy, laughter and love.  We were scared to become parents of two, but you turned it into something special and amazing.

I can't believe how much you understand these days.  You watch us talk and you know exactly what we are saying.  You even point at things and say words now.  You see a dog and you shreek "Da, Da!" for dog.  You also say nana for banana and dada for daddy, and you definitely have Mama down.  I heard you say hi, kids, and a few others in your own way.  Your brain is just moving a mile a minute.

You  haven't walked yet but you do your own walking on your knees.  Walking on your knees.  You are terrified to let go and stand on your own.  Oh well, we aren't too worried.  You sure can crawl fast though, especially when you know what you are after!

You are enticed by the same things over and over.  When we wake up you have to crawl over to the window and look out.  When you are on the couch you have to crawl to the arm rest and look over.  You find joy out of doing the same things again and again.  We say 'You go where you know and where you love'.   Another spot you always go to is on top of Misu.  Poor Misu, you give her quite the beating... but she still loves you.

For some reason you are waking a lot now.  You still only have 4 teeth and I'm pretty sure you have several more coming in.  You also got the hand, foot and mouth virus right before you and Luke's birthday party so that made your sleeping uncomfortable, too.  We thought you had the chicken pox for the longest time, but the Mama caught it so we figured out that it wasn't pox.  That was really the first type of sickness you've had.  You have had roseola, one day of stuffy noses and then one other fever.  You are quite the healthy kid.

picking flowers at the park

We got Luke balloons for his birthday.  Daddy was alternating giving you balloons with helium and ones with out.  You were so confused when you would let go... some would go up and some would go down.  You are so cute, learning new things.

playing with the ball at your friend's birthday party

When you sleep, you sleep next to Daddy.  You sometimes will roll over and put your head on his shoulder.  You are still quite the daddy's girl.  Even though you love Daddy, sometimes, now, only Mama will do.  You even get a little jealous when I hold your brother. 

biting your toes

Luke is your idol.  You do everything like him.  If he yells, you yell.  If he laughs, you laugh.  And you guys talk back and forth in the car and crack each other up.  Just today Luke bumped into the wall and you banged the wall, too.  You just had to.

playing with Luke

sibling love

You finally got to eat your egg whites with your daily egg yolk.  I think scrambled eggs are now your favorite food.  You got to try some ground nuts and that was new for you and you liked it.  You still love all the same foods but especially the new fruits you've tried, sauerkraut, milk, and all the other usuals.  Basically you'll eat anything Luke is eating.   And today, you've actually showed interest in helping in the kitchen.  You helped doing the dishes and moving the spatula around in the pan.  You look up at me with that look like "I'm very helpful".

We love you little Taryn.  You have the sweetest eyes and smile.  You are filled joy and you have the biggest heart.  We can't wait for the next year of fun.

Mama and Daddy

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