Thursday, May 24, 2012


Luke's Birthday is May 23rd, I just didn't finish the post until tonight.

My sweetest Luke,

I almost cried the night before you turned three. I squeezed you extra tight while I was cuddling with you before you slept. I just can't believe it. 3 is just so big.

You are getting more self reliant. You do things for yourself now. You want water? You get it. When you want something out of the fridge, you get it. But sometimes you still want Mama to do it, and that's ok too :)  You don't even need Mama to fall asleep now because you'll fall asleep sometimes when Daddy rubs your neck.

I love your personality.  You are so caring.  You are always so sad when you don't do things right because you don't like making mistakes.  You are so sensitive.  You don't like to see others cry- it scares you, still.  Even your sister.  When she cries you say 'You better nurse her Mama'.   You are stubborn and demanding like your Mama.  You are also shy as ever now.  I love it though because I never have to worry.  I love that you are cautious, especially with people.  You really can read people and I like that about you.

Big changes have been really knowing what's going on and where we could go.  You always say 'Remember when we went to .... last day.'  Even if it was a few days ago you remember going.  Now that you're three you hardly mind car trips anymore, including the hour long drive it takes to get to the Zoo or the Children's museums.  Even last time we went on the 6 hour car ride to Grandma and Grandpa Sharp's you knew exactly where we were going and would hardly get out of the to go potty.  You wanted to get there.   This is from the baby who hated the car. 

Speaking of Grandma and Grandpa, and Grandma and Papa, you love to go to either place.  We head up to Grandma and Papa's at least once a month when Daddy works late and you play trains and cars with Papa.  You don't even mind playing with them and forgetting about me.  When we have Grandma and Grandpa up or we go to their house, you could care less about Mama and Daddy.

reading with Grandpa Sharp

We really love when you ride your tricycle.  You can go all the way to the park and back!

testing out your bike

riding to the park

I can't believe how much you've learned this last year, too.  Some how you know ABC's and what (some) letters are what.  I don't know how you learned because we never really talked about it.  What you remember and say is absolutely amazing to me.

You LOVE to read.  I'm surprised at how much you like reading longer books now.  And you just want to read book after book.  I'm so happy because I never liked reading.  I love reading to you, too, as long as your sister will let me.

You can make breakfast now.  You can crack eggs, flip them, and spoon it on a plate.  You just need a little help with getting some stuff out of the fridge and turning on the stove.  I think by 5 you won't even need me anymore.  You probably could also make coffee for me, you've been watching me make it since birth.


We love the boy you've become.  You make us laugh and smile every day.  You look at us with those eyes and we are reminded how much we love being your parents.  Thank you for giving us joy.

We love you, Luke,

Mama and Daddy

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Janice said...

Happy Birthday, Luke! Love all of the pictures. He looks like a very happy boy!