Saturday, January 5, 2013

19 Months (Dec 25th)

Dear Sweet Taryn,

It's been a while since I updated about you.  You are the sweetest little girl with quite the spunky personality.  It has been utterly amazing to watch two kids grow up together and you to have such a different personality than your brother.

 You just started talking in sentences. You told me 'Mama close your mouth'.  I don't even know if you knew what you said lol.  You can say other short sentences too. "here ya go" is a common one.  And you are really starting to put together longer thoughts.  I can see your brain working away as you recap the event that just happened... 'Luke, Poop, Potty' or 'Mama coffee, Daddy coffee'.  You're little mind is just processing away.  In the car you like to sing songs, and you've memorized a lot of The Wiggles CD as well as the Backyardigans CD.  And I just LOVE your sweet little voice.

When you run you have a bounce in your run.  You are so active and you love following your brother around and are proud that you can go almost as fast as he can. 

You still love to eat.  In fact, we call you the 'golden child of eating'.  (Luke is the 'golden child of sleeping')  You love everything.  It would almost be better for me to write what you don't like instead of what you like.  But you really are getting a sweet tooth.  Especially around the holidays this year you were able to try cookies and treats that you haven't had before.  Of course you loved them :) 

you squint your eyes when I say 'smile'

Speaking of sleeping, you've been up a lot at night recently.  First the canines (which are still coming in) and then you've had a cold the last couple days.  We remember Luke sleeping terrible at around 18 months and you seem to be following suit.  But every once and a while you give us a nice night or two to catch up.

You love Daddy.  Sometimes you even want Daddy instead of me, especially when you get hurt.  You are the biggest daddys girl.

We went to your doctors appointment at 18 months and you are the same size as Luke was at 2.  We are so happy you are so healthy and strong.  I'm hoping you'll like to play basketball!   You do like balls a lot.  You also like trains, barney, and almost anything Luke likes.  You got two dolls for Christmas but I think you are still a little scared of them. 

Since Luke likes to use the ipad, you do too.  You were really eager to learn how to use the ipad and my iphone.  Now you know exactly what to do.  Sometimes before I know it you're already playing angry birds on my phone before I even know you have it.

with barney you got for Christmas from Grandma and Papa- you love that thing

It's funny because when I ask you and Luke a question you stare at Luke to see what he says, then you copy his answer and tell me too.  So if I say do you guys want lunch... Luke will say no and you'll follow and say no really loud too.  You're such a copy cat :)  But you are starting to do your own thing and have your own opinions.  Its fun to see you not want the same things as Luke

Shopping has been a scary thing with you.  Luke always stayed close to us.  But you love to wonder.  In fact, we've already had two close calls when you walked away from Daddy at Macy's.  And then another time you walked around the corner from me at Joann Fabrics.  Both of which scared us half to death.  Daddy refuses to take you to the mall now because he can't take the scare.  You are one hard girl to contain.

another squinty eyes smile :)
You still have your baby wrists and you still have that sweet baby smell on your head.  I cherish those things because I know they'll be gone soon.  It's hard to imagine that you are moving closer to two!  Just a few days ago, it seemed, that you were my newborn.  We love you dear Taryn.  You are so sweet.

Love, Mama and Daddy

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