Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Recap and Resolutions

I really like the New Year because it's time to start fresh with goals.  And I wanted to look back to remember what my goals were in 2012 and see what they were and if I even tried to do them.  So here goes.

2012 Goals

Better Budgeting-  Well I'm happy to say that the last four months we have done really good at getting our budgeting together.  We sometimes don't get everything right but we've come up with a really good strategy that we can stick to.  I'm really excited this year to keep up the budgeting and saving!!

Improve My Health-  This did not go where I thought it would.  I went strict paleo for most of last year.  I think, if anything, I felt the same or maybe a little worse lol.  Don't get me wrong, I like eating paleo.  I just like not being so super strict.  However, the biggest change i've made has been the last two months-- I started CrossFit!  I exercised a little off and on.  But two months ago I really wanted to get serious about it.  I started because I've heard so many awesome things about Crossfit and I knew I would love it (and I DO!).  I now see that a lot of my so called 'health problems' were just because I need a good hard work out.  I do love the way I eat, and I do think eating well is very important... but exercise is just as important!!  So I'm really happy I started CrossFit.  It's so awesome.

Read the Daily Mass Readings- Yes!  I have read almost everyday this year.  I'm sure I missed a few here and there but I've been super consistent!  I usually read them when I nurse Taryn down for bed.  

Teach Luke the Angelus-  I did!  But then we got out of the habit because of Lent (you say a different one during Lent) and we stopped.  But he still knows it.  We should start again, I still have the reminder set on my iphone.

Exercise more- CrossFit! 

Wow, I did pretty good!  I felt pretty happy today when I was reading over these and realizing I accomplished most of it! 

Here's for this year....

Budget-  Well, this year I'd like to save up enough money for a nice vacation :)  Preferably before Taryn turns two so she's still free on the airplane ride.

CrossFit - I'd like to get up to my old PR weight lifting goals from High School.  I can now max squat 150 but in high school I could do 180.  I also used to power clean 145 max.  I'd also like to Rx a work out in the next month or two.  And maybe do a few un-assisted pull ups!

Spiritual Life - I'd like to attend daily mass more often.  This summer I went a lot.  Then when the clocks changed and it got darker we started getting lazier and staying in bed.  Once we kick our current cold I want to start going again.  Also- I want to continue reading the daily readings, start praying more Rosaries.  Maybe a decade a day.  I pray a decade on the way home for crossfit when I'm alone in the car, I'd like to find some more alone time to do that on nights I don't work out.  Also, read more of the bible. 

Routine - Get in a better routine.  I'd like to have a set cleaning routine, meal prep routine and also 'practicing homeschooling' routine.  Still working on that.

Become a minimalist by 2014-  I really want to get rid of things I don't need.  I'm going to try and post more about that in the upcoming year :)

Well that's about it.  I can't think of anything else so far.  I am excited to see what this year brings!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!


Lisa C said...

That's awesome you did what you set out to do last year!

I like your new goals. Some of ours are similar. I wanted to pick something spiritual, too, but I guess I feel like I'm on a good path already, like I am progressing and don't need to work on anything specific at the moment. Actually, I do have one goal that I forgot to put on my post; I was thinking of it as a family goal, but it can be both. I want to try to have family night every week and once we got that down I want to work on daily family scripture reading and prayer.

Good luck on your goals! Post about minimalism, I need help staying motivated on that!!!

Cassie said...

I like that, having family goals. I want to do a family night too... but every night here is family night. But I really wanted to work on praying as a family more-- and reading scripture. It's hard to do... gotta get in the habit!