Friday, June 11, 2010

Through the Keyhole #4

Through the Keyhole hosted by Holistic Mama
Ok, I'm a little late on this. I had the stomach flu this week and was out for a few days.

This is our shower in our bedroom. We hardly ever use the other bathroom. We used to have one of my friends rent a room at our house and our guest bath was hers so we just got in the habit of using the one in our room.
We just have a shower in our bathroom, no tub. I like it that way except for lately I have been craving a nice bath. So maybe I'll have to just go into the other bathroom sometime and enjoy it.
The towel hanging on our door is a towel we got in Hawaii on our honeymoon. Our bathroom is decorated in Hawaiian stuff that we have collected over the years. You can't see it in the picture but there is a clock you can see from inside the shower that says 'Hawaiian Time' on it. So at each hour it says '1ish' '2ish' '3ish'. It's funny. You can also see the other pictures in the reflection of the shower glass.
The blue loofa is my husbands lol. I like wash cloths, he likes that loofa. Right now I'm using this kids shampoo that smells like mango. I like it. Lots of people have been blogging about using more natural stuff and I probably will switch over to Dr Brommers for my hair when I'm done with my fruity kids shampoo, but I have to enjoy it while I can. I'm really not into doing my hair... or really any beauty stuff. I wear my hair in a pony tail most days. I don't wear make up, almost ever. I hardly ever blow dry my hair. But I do like a good shower. I usually shower 4 to 5 times per week. After I work out at night, or before church on Sunday. I love the way hot water feels running down at night when I've had a long day and Luke and Ben are sleeping. It's so relaxing. I really love that shower. When we sell the house, I'll miss it.


Lisa C said...

Your shower looks a lot like ours. Could it be that we had the same builder? lol

I love hot showers, too, and I am appreciating them a lot more now that I don't shower every dang day.

That's funny about the loofah. :)

Ben said...

ohhh, is that what it's called? It's very nice!

Mon said...

thanks for sharing. love that built in seat, so useful!
hope you feel all better now.