Sunday, June 27, 2010

Through the Keyhole #6 Front Door

Here's our front door. I don't even know what to say about it. I'm not unhappy with our door, nor am I super excited either. I don't really have any stories about it. I'm so unobservant and really see things as more of a function rather than the look. I see my door, and I like my door because it does what it's supposed to.. be a door. I do see from the picture that our address letters are crooked. I think if I would have noticed in real life, I might have had to fix it... oh well :)
My husband just put weather stripping down underneath during the winter because there was a small gap in the door. Which was nice so Pickle wouldn't try and stare out the gap all the time. But our door made a loud noise when you opened it... like a seal breaking, so you always knew when someone was coming in, which is a good thing.
Now that Luke is walking and clearly knows about 'outside', he comes to the door from the inside and points and knocks on it to get out. Most of the time I just let the door open for him to go outside. However, sometimes he wants to go outside first thing after he gets up and I have to say 'why don't both of us put clothes on first' or 'lets have coffee first' lol.
Luke trying to open the door with my car keys.

Maybe the most exciting thing about the first picture is that I took the picture with my new iPhone. I think it looks pretty good.

if you want to see more awesome front doors check out Holistic Mama.


Lisa C said...

Gee, your door looks a lot like...mine! Only yours is all clean and nice-looking. We don't have the tell-tale sign of a home for sale lock-box, either.

Pickle said...

Lol I almost wrote ... Can anyone who's doing the looking through the keyhole tell who my neighbor is, but then I decided not to haha

Real Life Reslers said...

Awww! That pic is adorable! I'm loving this through the keyhole thing!

Pickle said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love the through the keyhole too... it's so fun.