Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Outside and Things with Daddy

Raking with Daddy at my inlaws. Luke insists on the big rake.

Daddy showing him how to water the plants.

This could almost be a wet ending of a picture for me,
luckily he doesn't know how to spray the hose yet.

Outside in front of our house.

On a walk.

Mommy and Daddy on the walk.

This doesn't go with the theme but I couldn't resist putting it in.
Luke spilled lettuce all over the floor last night.

Thanks Hobo Mama for hosting Wordless Wednesday.


Lisa C said...

LOL, I hope your floor was clean!

Are those photos in your backyard? Because if they are you have been lying to me about not have a nice yard!

I totally forgot about WW. Maybe I should do one.

Lisa C said...

Okay, nevermind. I just read the caption that it was at your in-laws. I kind of figured, anyway. :P

Pickle said...

lol, me too. we might have to re-wash the lettuce.

yeah it's the inlaws backyard... too bad it wasn't ours!

Lauren @ Hobo Mama said...

I'm finally catching up on my visits! Sooo glad I made it over here, because those pictures are fantastic. I love how babies love to help out like that. And what a super cutie! It looks like summer started earlier for you than for us here, but this week it's finally supposed to get warm.

Thanks for linking up! Feel free to come back by today if you have another.

Pickle said...

thanks for stopping by! I love wordless wednesday, i just always forget on wed. But i'm 2 for 2 now :)