Saturday, June 12, 2010

Through the Keyhole #5

Coffee Table!
Ok, anywhere here is a coffee table. The coffee table is usually the place in the room that is high enough that Luke can't reach the cup. The picture below is of the table we used to use as the coffee table before Luke could pull himself up. After he started doing that, we got tired of moving stuff off of it all the time, then decided it was kind of in the way. So now we just have these tables on the end of our couch. They are from ikea and they only cost about 6 dollars.

Enough about the table already. Lets just talk about coffee. I love coffee. I love having a cup in the morning when I wake up (most of the time two) out of my lovely french press. I'm so in love with the way the french press makes coffee that I can hardly stand regular brewed coffee any more. I mean seriously. Even at a coffee house, I have to have an americano either with less water or more coffee. Not that I'm so addicted to coffee I have to have more, it's that I love the strong taste of it. (ok, I'm a little addicted too)
Kinda like the saying, home is where the heart is...The coffee table is where the coffee is.

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Lisa C said...

I would probably be addicted to coffee, too, if I actually drank it. It's smells SO good.

The Hausfrau said...

I have one of those tables, too, in my daughter's room. And I love French presses!

Pickle said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. French presses are the best!

Pickle said...
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Mon said...

so glad you shared. we went through the 'anywhere wherever she can't reach is the coffee table' too. well, actually, we're still there with actual cups/mugs. least now i can put other things there.

yes, i'm a coffee drinker too.

Anonymous said...

I love coffee but don't drink it ... the caffeine and acidity bother my stomach too much. I envy those who tolerate it just fine. Once in awhile, I'll treat myself to decaf.