Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I just bought this diaper.   Except the one I bought had more snaps for growth.  The goal of this exensive wool diaper was so it wouldn't leek at night.  Well, our first night with it, it leeked.

Let me fill you in a little more.  Luke wears training pants (or nothing around the house) during the day.  So our diaper covers are for night time.  There are nights where Luke doesn't pee at all.  But there are still nights when he pees.  We usually use gdiapers, but they leek a lot. 

And I change him right after he pees, I don't need a cover that can hold a lot.  I just need one that can not leek that one pee.  I'm just tired of waking up and then having to put a towel on our bed.  Maybe a wool blanket is the way to go?

Any ideas?  Is anyone reading this? lol

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