Saturday, August 7, 2010

Through the Keyhole #8 - Night Stand

This series is hosted by Holistic Mama.  She asked each of us to share a little about our homes since most of us live so far away.  I'm loving this so far.  It's really fun to see other people's homes and just the different things inside.

My night stand is literally the window sill above my bed. 

I always have my water bottle up there because I get thirsty right before I go to bed.  I don't know why but I always have to have a sip of water after I brush my teeth.  Otherwise I feel like my mouth is dry and weird. 
Then, my glasses, for when I wake up and need to see in the morning.  Sometimes my husband and I watch a movie or TV show on the computer before we go to sleep so I have to take my contacts out when I get into bed otherwise I risk sleeping in them.. and that never feels good.  So I wear my specks just before bed too.
I usually have my phone up there too but since I used my phone to take the picture, it wasn't there.

A while ago, after Luke got to be bigger, we decided to move the guest bed in to our room next to our bed. (hence no room for a night stand)  I know it seems crazy to non cosleepers that we have two huge beds in our room.  But, oh, is it lovely. 

There's another window on the other side of the blue bed, so if I happened to go to sleep on that bed, the other sill becomes my night stand.  Maybe someday we'll think about an actual table, but for now the sill is all I need!

Thanks Mon for hosting this series, it's really been fun.


Mon said...

that was fun! yes, we're co-sleepers, it makes sense to have two beds taking up the room. i have an unused cot on one side to keep her safe.

Lisa C said...

lol, I guess I use the window sill partly as a nightstand, since all I get is a wall on my side of the bed. Sometimes I'll stick a tissue there and I was keeping my lip balm there for a while, too.

I didn't know you wore glasses?? I always have to have water at night, too. After brushing my teeth and every time I wake up in the night! I just keep my water bottle next to my pillow.

Anonymous said...

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