Friday, April 15, 2011

First Time 7 quick takes

My spring time allergies have been pretty terrible lately.  I have been taking local raw honey in hopes that it helps a little.  I've heard that a teaspoon of local honey helps, if you start early enough.  But sometimes a spoonful of honey is a little, well, sweet.  So my new concoction, yogurt, frozen blueberries, sometimes almond and a big spoonful of honey.  Mmm is that good, who cares if it helps my allergies!

Tomorrow, April 16th, is officially one month until my due date, May 16th.  Can you believe it?  One month left.  Time to start nesting.  I have a nice little list of things to do before the baby comes.  Every once and a while I freak out a little with the amount of things we need to accomplish.  Yesterday I had a small breakdown when my husband came home from work.  He helped me (he did a lot of it) clean up the house, mop the floors, clean the bathrooms, and finish cleaning the kitchen.  Later on in the day when I apologized for freaking out right when he got home from work, he told me that he remembered last time, with Luke, we did the same thing at about the same time.  So maybe it's normal?
I also got all the baby clothes washed and ready in the 'kids room' closet.  Which really isn't a kids room, since we co-sleep... and all the rest of the stuff (toys) is out in our living room.  We just basically use the closet for clothes and we have a diaper table in there.  But the closet looks pretty good.  I put our folding shelf in there and found enough of these blue boxes to store the clothes in.  Now I want to make some cloth baskets for their socks... maybe someday.  Oh, and I need some more hangers- I'll put that on the to-do list.

Next week is Holy Week!  I can't believe Palm Sunday is in two days.   And I can't believe Lent is almost over.  I gave up facebook.  I am still liking not being on there.  I can't pinpoint why exactly.  But one of the reasons is that I feel like I have stayed in closer contact with my good and close friends.  My close friends are the ones that text me every day, call me, and email me.  I just feel better being personal with a few and not having so many 'acquaintances'.  Though, I did miss pictures of a few old friends that had babies.  I would like to see those.
As far as what I have done in the time I normally check facebook.  Well, I probably could do more.  But I have tried really hard to read the daily readings everyday.  I have felt that it has strengthened me in my prayer life.  Sometimes I lack the right things to say but after reading the daily readings I have something to reflect upon.  That has really helped me.  Especially in these last few tiring weeks of pregnancy.   I have also learned about the Angelus prayer and prayed it a few times.  As a mother I feel especially close to Mary and how she gave her life to God.  Those words, 'let it be done to me according to your word'.  Oh, how I love reflecting upon that.  She is such a good example of what it means to love the Lord. 

My old Neighbor's and their two kids came over to visit us in our new house this morning.  It was so fun, I miss living in our old neighborhood.  But I like our new house better.  And I like that my husband is closer to his job.  The drive was miserable.  But I miss my two stay at home mom friends and how we used to walk up to the park with them any chance we got.  I know I'll miss going to Lisa's backyard in the summer while our kids played in the kiddie pool and we sat and absorbed the vitamin D, and got to eat their fresh berries. Now we're an hour away :*(
My son watches this cartoon called KipperThe cartoons talk in a British accent.  I think he's starting to pick up on it a little.  Some of the things he says sound like it.  He also says 'yes' now instead of 'yeah' or 'yep' which he used to do.  Sometimes it just sounds so proper.  I don't know why, I guess it could be from Kipper too. 

Sometimes I want to be natural but I just can't find the right thing.  I've been weaning off shampoo for a while.  Mostly because I ran out of my 2-in-1 kids shampoo that I know is toxic but smells oh so good.  I've used Dr Bronners sometimes and then baking soda followed by apple cider vinegar.  I'm not really a fan of either one, but they work ok.  But now that I'm starting to get allergies, I've been trying to shower more and wash my hair on a regular basis so I'm not laying in pollen when I sleep.  I haven't used real shampoo in probably almost a month now until last night.  And oh man does my hair feel silky and nice.  So now I'm in search of what shampoo I will buy next.  I want something inexpensive and natural.... those two things hardly exist.  The thing is that I can stand using baking soda and vinegar, but I don't love it.  Any suggestions?
We've spent a lot of time outside the last couple of weeks.  Luke and I have been outside for walks or in the yard everyday in the last two weeks.  He's been digging in the dirt in our yard and he can't get enough.  He always asks to go dig with his shovel everyday.  Today was the first day we didn't really go outside to do anything.   I feel pretty good that since I've been pretty lazy about getting out of the house, that we're able to play outside.  I think he really enjoys it.   We've also really been lucky to catch a little sun in between rain storms.  I saw that the weather looks sunny next week.  Thankgoodness.  I'm getting tired of the rain here.
We are also getting ready to plant a garden in the next couple weeks, I say 'next couple of weeks' that hoping that my loving husband will do it this weekend.  I know that Luke will enjoy to help us plant.  And we still need to plant the raspberries and blueberries I bought.  I will post pictures of these later.

This was my first "7 quick takes Friday".  I love doing things like this because I can actually come up with things to talk about.  Then I also get to write down and remember my week.  See you next Friday!
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Lisa C said...

Awww, I miss you being in our neighborhood!! I'm really going to miss those summer days lounging in the backyard with you guys, too. That was the best.

Phillip was thinking of you guys when he bought a blueberry bush, but liked it too much and wants to keep it, lol. But just so you know, he was thinking of you. :D

Oh, and I've been putting my local raw carrot honey in my smoothies. THAT is the best way to have honey, if you ask me!

Glad you are strengthening yourself spiritually, too. I feel like this month has been pretty good for me on that front. I think the pre-Easter time (I guess that would be Lent for you) is so perfect for refreshing ourselves spiritually, almost like a spring-time cleaning.