Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pregnancy Kindness

I always like praying the Joyful mysteries of the Rosary.  If you aren't Catholic and never have prayed a rosary, one of the reflections of the Joyful mysteries is when Mary goes to visit Elizabeth who conceived in her old age.  There is a lot of other biblical theology behind this but I remember someone talking about how Mary went to take care of her pregnant cousin.  They said that we should look to the example that Mary went to help her out and should do the same with other pregnant women we see.  Because they are with child, carrying a new life, using their own body to nourish and provide for the new being inside. 

I always wished that I could help a pregnant woman out in some little way.  And now, being pregnant with my second child, I want to do better to help, even if it's just something small, a pregnant woman.  Because it's hard.  This pregnancy was more challenging than the first because now I am not only caring for myself, but my wonderful son. 

My neighbors showed me a wonderful giving example of how you can help.  The woman who lives next door saw me a few weeks ago walking my dog and having my son with me running all over the place.  She knew that it looked hard to do both and that I must be tired pulling both of them around.  So last night, she came by with her daughter and asked if they could walk our dog (who is a puppy with a lot of energy) because they were taking their three dogs for a walk too.  She said that it must be hard to take our dog for a walk while being so pregnant.  Yes, yes it is.  After the time she saw me I told my husband that I wasn't doing that again.  It was just too tiring.  But, we feel bad because we want to take her for a walk every day, we just don't have the time.  It was so heart-warming that our neighbors, who barely know us, would take them time to do that.  Maybe I can remember to do little acts of kindness next time a friend or someone I know is pregnant.


Lisa C said...

It IS hard being pregnant! When I was pregnant I wished everyone could do everything for me, lol. I was so sick and exhausted. I loved when I was out and people opened doors for me. Made me realize how oblivious I am because I never opened doors for pregnant women.

I wish there was more I could do for you, and other pregnant women I know. Like my poor SIL who is really sick with her fifth right now. I feel so self-centered when I realize that I don't even think about these things sometimes. Too bad it isn't more a part of our culture.

Janice said...

Thanks for sharing that heartwarming story. Such simple kindnesses make such a big difference, does it? Take good care.