Friday, April 29, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday... 2


Last Thursday, Friday and Saturday we enjoyed a beautiful Easter Triduum.  I thought that it might be a little much with a 23month old and being so pregnant but it was really joyous.  I especially loved the Easter Vigil mass at our new parish (we moved in December).  We missed it last year because we didn't think Luke would last through the whole Mass last year. But this year we knew he could make it.  It is by far the best Mass of the year.  And now we are still celebrating Easter and the Risen Lord.


My in-laws came over for Easter.  We had a fantastic Ham dinner that I made along with deviled eggs and fruit salad.  My Mother in law made fantastic potatoes au gratin and two cakes... one a flourless chocolate cake which was out of this world, and the other was a daffodil cake her mom used to make.  My sister in law brought a salad with a great avocado dressing that I'm just going to have to make soon because I'm really craving it.  She also brought her two kids so the kids played the whole day and we all, obviously, enjoyed the food.  I really enjoyed the company of my in-laws.  It seemed that everyone had such a good time.  And I'm excited because we said we'd like Easter to be at our house.  I love Easter and it's a good holiday to host!

I finally checked in on facebook.  I had a lot of birthday messages.  But in this last week I have decided to weed out some of my friends list.  I think I've almost got it to where I like it.  
I feel refreshed.  And I don't really even care about it too much any more, this year was different than last year.  Very hard to explain.
I did miss several things though.  3 friends had babies, my cousin got engaged (though I probably would have heard that through the grapevine), and a few other things. 

This week has been tiring.  My son has had a bit of an ear infection.  His sleeping has been way off.  My poor husband hasn't gotten too much sleep and is really busy at work.  And I am in those last few tiring weeks of pregnancy. I'm so looking forward to relaxing a little with my husband and son this weekend.

Usa, my best friend, finally had a day off from work and came to visit us Wednesday for dinner.  She's been having to work a lot lately so we haven't really gotten to see too much of each other.  Oh, and the fact that I'm really too pregnant (tired and lazy) to drive to her house which is about 40 minutes away.  She's always so nice to come down here because she knows its easier for me.  I just can't believe we haven't been hanging out very much lately.  She used to live with us, I really miss her around all the time and I miss not living as close.   I don't recommend going a long time with out seeing close friends.  Oh, and my son is crazy about her.

Luke got his first water colors for Easter.  His grandma knows he likes to draw.  Anyway, he can't get enough of the water colors already.  He's been painting almost non-stop from the time I got them out... well non-stop in between playing guitar with his daddy.  He even ran out of the paint.  So last night I bought him some more water colors with more colors so he's having fun with that today.  I can't believe how much he loves to color and paint.  And he is really getting good control now.

I always try to pray when I first wake up.  Sometimes this leads me off into trailed thoughts.  Well anyway this morning I remembered I have been trying to contact this Priest friend of ours who we met while he was serving as a deacon at our Parish.  After our parish he went back to Rome to study then got ordained as a priest.  He went to Rome again for a year before coming back to work here again.  He went to a parish in another part of our state so we haven't seen or talked to him recently.
Anyway, I looked his name up and found out where he was.  I contacted the parish and he wrote me an email today.  I just am so excited that we can talk to him again... he even asked us if we could catch up on the phone next week!  Yay!  My husband and I just had the best time getting to know him when he was a deacon, we even named Luke's middle name after him.  The news of getting back in contact with him was the highlight of my day!  (at least so far)  

I love doing things like this because I can actually come up with things to talk about.  Then I also get to write down and remember my week.  See you next Friday!
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