Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Change of Plans... all day

Last night I had every thing ready for today.

My plan for this morning was to... get up at 8am.   Make it to  my chiropractic appointment at 1030, which was an hour away.  And then drop the dog off before for her grooming appointment before our hour drive.

I had it all planned. My husband even made us some bacon the night before for morning.  I got the bags packed, the snacks packed, everything.  In the morning, I even had to wake Luke up early.  He usually sleeps in until 9.    Luke was even a good sport about me waking him up earlier than usual.  Then it happened... after I was all ready, even on time....

My husband forgot to take my car keys out of his pocket and leave them for me.  Because he was so generous in cleaning my car last night, he must have forgotten.

And he couldn't just run them home.  He was in meetings all morning.  So I had to cancel the chiropractic appointment.  Fortunately he was able to bring the keys in time for me to be able to take the dog in.  She really needed it.

But then, I got an email from the chiropractor and she had an appointment open up in the afternoon, after nap time even.  My husband was able to get the dog after she was done.  Luke and I got to drive up there, I had my appointment.  Luke was great at my appointment, really not minding playing with toys while I was being worked on.
Then we got to go to a baby store where I got some more prefold diapers, nursing pads, and some baby leggings that were locally made (yes, they even have some pink on them).  We got home just when my husband got home from work.  Then we had a fantastic dinner of roasted chicken and asparagus. 

It actually turned out to be a really great day.  But I'm really tired, time for bed!

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Lisa C said...

Um, yeah, great except we didn't get to have our playdate! Glad you had a good day, though. :)