Saturday, August 27, 2011

3 months!

Dear little sweet Taryn bug,

You are three months old and you are just cuter than ever.  Your smile just lights up the room with your little tongue sticking through your teeth.  You are always so happy.

I'm surprised how much your personality reminds me of your daddy's.  You are so easy going, so laid back, and so go-with-the-flow.   The only thing that you've fussed over lately is your teething.  You will stick anything you can into your mouth.  You even try to bite our noses with your gummy bite.

We got you your first toy.  We couldn't find Luke's old Sophie so bought you a new one.  You love that you have discovered how good it feels to chew on her legs.

You sleep very well.  5 hours straight sometimes.  We weren't expecting that.  But you hardly sleep during the day because you don't want to miss anything your brother is doing. Which is ok by me because you will gladly take a nap when your brother does.

You've been smiling and laughing a lot, especially at anyone who coos at you.  You've gotten a kick out of the dog.  I can't wait to see what happens when you start to crawl after her.

The other day we caught you rolling from back to front.  Your motivation was to bite the blanket on the bed.  But isn't it too soon for you to be on the move?  We want you to stop growing so fast!

At your 3 month check up you weighed 13lb and 8oz and 25 inches long.  They said you are pretty long.  Maybe you'll be a little bball player like your Mama.

Your first time down the slide

Until then, you'll just enjoy playing with your brother!

We love you sweet Taryn.  You are just the sweetest thing.

Mama and Daddy

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Lisa C said...

You didn't tell me she rolled over! Back to front is the hard one too! She's going to be on the go before you know it.