Saturday, August 27, 2011

EC beginnings and EC endings

Well, we're back to the beginning of EC with our new little one.  Its fun.  It's different this time since I didn't start EC with Luke until 3 months.  Taryn, we got to start right away.  We haven't been as diligent with her as we were with Luke, you know because my hands are always full.  But I do change her every time she wets.  I think that is probably one of the best things I could do for her because she absolutely hates a wet diaper.  Some days, when I'm really in tune, I can catch a lot of pees.  And we almost always catch poos.  She hates it even more to poop in her diaper, so it's like she's waiting to poop until we hold her over the potty.  I think she actually knows to wait, or to squirm enough that we'll take her. 
I'm really happy with how things are going.  I was concerned that I wouldn't have enough time to do EC with her because of having Luke too.

We are also ending our other side of the pottying journey.  Luke is almost finished with potty learning.  He almost never has accidents any more.  It was just a month ago I was telling my EC buddy Lisa about how I think it's going to be a while before he could actually tell me before he pees.  Well, he tells us now by saying 'I have to pee really bad!'.  lol.  I decided that I was going to put the potty in the living room, after having it in the bathroom all these months, so he could learn faster how to take himself.  Starting out, the bathroom is quite far to go once a 2 year old realizes they have to go.  It has worked out great.  He will either let himself outside in the grass, or more often then not just go walk over to the potty. 

He also always pees standing up.  He has really good aim.  I always wanted him to learn to stand so my husband has been great at showing him what to do.

One thing we have to work on is pulling down the pants.  He can't pull them on or off.  But he's really good at saying he has to go and that he needs help with his pants.  So he'll come over and ask for help so he can go pee. 

When we're out, he's good about holding it.  It's almost like the very few mistakes happen more at home.  So that has been really nice.

I can't believe he's almost done.  I can't believe how I haven't had to bribe, trick or reward him into going potty.  I am very glad that he chose to do it himself.  I do encourage him and get excited with him when he made it to the potty.  But he's done it himself, and I'm really proud. 

I love EC.  I can't even say enough good things about it.

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Lisa C said...

Great potty shot!

I'm glad you finally put the potty in the living room! So different from me on that...we have like five potties, and there was always one in a convenient spot.

Luke's potty progress reminds me of Michael's last summer. I bet he doesn't regress the way Michael did, though. I think he just had too many factors affecting him.

It sounds like Taryn definitely approves of EC. Always so great to catch those poops. Michael really hated wet diapers when he was tiny, too. But when he went into the potty...nothing but calmness.