Saturday, August 13, 2011


My husband told me this quote from Woody Allen (that he heard from Archbishop Sheen) one day... on a particularly bad day...

"Marriage has three rings.  The engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffering"

Archbishop Sheen adds that the last ring should be worn for Jesus.  Who suffered for us.

We weren't having problems.  We hardly ever argue.  But some days with two small children there is a lot of stress.  Stress over getting the dishes done, stress from lack of sleep.   Now I think about this quote a lot.  Not to say that our kids are the suffering.  Not to say that my marriage is suffering.  But that all great things have some suffering.

I may not get much sleep these days.  But look at the fruits of our marriage.

Look at these two gifts from God.

Happy Anniversary (August 9th) to my dear husband Ben.  Let us always rejoice in our suffering as we follow Christ in our Marriage. 

3 years!

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Lisa C said...

Sweet post. Marriage isn't easy. And people grow closer through their trials if they don't let those trials separate them.