Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Attitude is contagious

'Attitude is contagious' is one of the many quotes I've heard from my dad like a million times.  He was my basketball coach in high school and he always said that because one down player could make the rest of the team down.  He wanted us all to have a positive attitude so we could all be positive.  It is one of those quotes that will always be burned into my brain... sort of like his 'math in real life' quote, thanks Dad. 

I guess I never really thought about it too much in high school while playing basketball.  I mean I knew it was important to not have a negative attitude but that's pretty much the extent of my thinking.

Today, the quote came back to haunt me.  Luke has been having some pretty emotional days lately.  Was it his two year molars finally coming in?  Was it his late transition of having a new sister?  Was it the fact that he's frustrated with the shorter nursing sessions?

I got a pretty nice awakening last night when I realized that it was my husband and my attitude.  But really, especially mine.  I have been ultra tired lately because of all the night time wake ups, plus trying to get Luke awake at a semi-normal hour, I've been carrying around a baby and a toddler a lot- my body aches. 

I noticed I've been more short with him, unwilling to gently explain why he shouldn't do something.  Just saying no, not redirecting him to something else, which I have done for the last two years.  And not getting down where he is to talk to him, because holding a baby and doing deep squats isn't something I want to do every 10 minutes.

But attitude is contagious.  He's been short tempered, un-agreeable, upset.  When I finally was talking about it with my husband last night, over text because he was holding the baby while I was nursing Luke to sleep, I realized my attitude hasn't been the greatest.  Yes, parenting is hard.  Yes, having two children two and younger is hard.  But this is my vocation, this is what I live for.  So why have a negative attitude?

I adjusted my attitude today to a more positive outlook and the difference was night and day.  I'm very thankful I haven't gone that long with a negative attitude.

So thanks Dad, you're quotes have come in handy.  Maybe someday I'll write a post about 'Math in real life' ;)


Janice said...

Insightful reflections, mama. It's hard to remember that attitude is contagious when you're feeling tired... Such a great reminder...

Lisa C said...

I have cycled through this a lot. Even recently reminded myself to pay attention to my attitude. Typing on ipad, sorry so short.

Brenda said...

Why carrying both around so much? A healthy child should be able to walk his age in miles. Can Luke walk while you hold his hand? :)

Cassie said...

He wants to be carried about as much as any other two year old. Yes, he walks. He can walk over two miles. But sometimes he wants to be held so I hold him and Taryn. And sometimes he's afraid when we we're out and he wants to be picked up. That's normal.